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Adflow was designed and developed in partnership with P2P Transport, bringing a unique mobile digital advertising solution to the Australian Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) market. Utilizing market-leading technology, both in terms of visual impact and messaging capabilities, Adflow is custom designed to deliver an aesthetically pleasing result by blending into the vehicle. The targeting capability of Adflow provides advertisers with a powerful medium to reach potential consumers supported by detailed advertising data.

Nominating Company: CV Media & Signage, Hendra, QLD, Australia
Venue: Adflow, Mermaid Beach, QLD, Australia,
Project: Adflow/P2P Transport Mobile Digital Advertising Solution
Category: Transportation

With more than 2,650 vehicles in their fleet, P2P Transport identified a gap in the Australian DOOH advertising market. Developed to transform the static taxi advertising industry, Adflow presents a disruptive proposition in digital advertising by allowing location-specific, relevant advertising and daypart scheduling supported by detailed data.

Adflow empowers advertisers to dynamically reach viewers in high-consumer-concentration areas such as CBD’s through a mobile medium that travels more than any other existing digital advertising solution in the market. With the ability to customize messaging based on location, time and temperature, Adflow delivers advertisers unprecedented targeting and messaging control.

The need for advertising to provide the best possible clarity, visibility and flexibility was paramount. Locally designed as well as rigorously tested and manufactured, the custom-designed shroud delivers an aesthetic appeal that blends seamlessly into the vehicle whilst LCD screens deliver superior image quality even in extreme conditions such as direct sunlight and heat.

The technology was developed in consultation with P2P Transport to ensure an integrated consideration of all aspects of design, functionality, creativity and customer delivery. Throughout the research phase, three key challenges were faced:

1. Maintaining a cool environment for Adflow with the screens having to operate in a climate reaching temperatures in excess of 95 degrees Fahrenheit. 24-hour visibility of the screens was also critical, with taxis operating in shade, full sunlight and night time conditions.

2. The shape, design and materials of the external casing had to be aerodynamic, waterproof and lightweight to ensure taxi fuel consumption would not increase. A number of industry standard items were required to be an integral part of the design including spot lights, amber and taxi operating lights.

3. An efficient power source for the media player and content management system were necessary to allow for GPS tracking and geofencing capabilities.

Throughout the two-year development phase of Adflow, ongoing research and testing was conducted. In-depth investigation ensured the screens chosen had the capability to withstand the temperature variances, potential issues surrounding overheating were avoided. The external casing was developed using a custom-designed fiberglass shroud, with research showing this was a practical, lightweight and cost-effective solution.

Broadsign’s content management platform was selected due to its scalability and features. With market-leading scheduling and reporting capabilities, Broadsign allows Adflow to provide advertisers with a report of when, where and for how long each ad is played. Communicating real-time GPS location, Adflow ensures advertisers can program ads to play in predefined geofences whilst taking advantage of packages including dayparting and exclusivity. Advertisers can be confident that their brand and messaging will be delivered reliably and cost effectively on a quality platform.

CV Media and Signage building pic

Adflow has been deployed to 300 taxis throughout Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, with a further 600 screens to follow over the next three years. As the first of its kind in the Australian market, Adflow will put mobile digital taxi-top advertising at the forefront of the rapidly growing DOOH advertising market.

With a mesh network of vehicles constantly crisscrossing Australian cities, Adflow has provided brands the opportunity to connect with millions of viewers on their daily journeys. The integration of Broadsign has allowed advertisers to determine when and where their advertisement will play, resulting in budget optimization whilst delivering more contextual advertisements. Choosing to sell the network in-house allows Adflow to respond quickly and offer optimal value to clients.

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