Mobile Internal Communications – the Answer to a Truly Engaged Workforce: RMG Brings Internal Communications to Workers on the go with KorbytGO


LONDON, 04.12.17 – It is widely accepted that for businesses to truly engage with their workforce they need an effective internal communications strategy. But with only ten per cent of UK employees saying they feel engaged[1] there seems to be a big disconnect that needs addressing.

RMG recognises that today’s employee consumes information in many different formats and that modern technology has changed communication habits and preferences. In response RMG has created KorbytGO. Just launched, this mobile employee engagement app takes a new approach to internal communications and solving the engagement challenge. It has been designed as a single hub through which all necessary employee communications can run; from news and updates to training, performance management, resourcing and social updates. KorbytGO has also been devised to easily integrate with existing systems to ease its adoption by businesses.

KorbytGO has the unique ability to unify staff communications across all the various different departments of an enterprise, delivering impactful, relevant and appealing communications between the company and all its employees worldwide. KorbytGO enables the whole company to access a broad range of information and functionalities at its convenience and easily interact through its preferred device – the mobile phone.

KorbytGO is the mobile and desktop extension of Korbyt, RMG’s powerful, next-generation visual enterprise communications platform, that the company launched in October. KorbytGO leverages Korbyt’s seamless content creation and management platform and enables organisations to deliver multi-channel communications straight to people’s smart phones. The mobile app is backed by Korbyt’s rich data and analytics capabilities that help organisations to effectively track and visualise employee performance and engagement. It is able to pull information from various data sources and visualise it in an easily digestible and actionable manner, in real-time.

“We all know that technology has evolved drastically in recent years, yet many businesses are using outdated internal communications strategies.  Our goal is to deliver them with the means to truly engage with their employees from one powerful platform and create communications strategies that genuinely add value to an employee’s workplace experience; whether that’s with tailored content that helps them meet a goal, company acknowledgement of outstanding work or peer to peer social fun. KorbytGO is a valuable communications tool that is able to speak to an employee on an individual basis whilst also galvanise a workforce and create a sense of unity – we’re excited to see the impact it will have on our customers’ businesses,” commented Martyn Barnett, MD of RMG digital solutions UK.

Good internal communications are one of the most important drivers for company performance.  KorbytGo is designed to deliver this for companies and help them gain valuable market share in a competitive environment, whilst maintaining an engaged workforce.

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Notes to editors:

Key benefits of KorbytGO:

–          Delivers segmented and even personalised messaging

–          Ability to customise and deliver company branded versions  

–          Ability to use any form of multi-media content

–          Built in measurability offering detailed engagement information 

–          User friendly CMS delivering impressive results

–          Highly transferable content sharing to multiple varied end points  

–          Contemporary and appealing news and content feeds

About RMG

RMG goes beyond traditional communications to help businesses increase productivity, efficiency and engagement through digital messaging. By combining best-in-class software, hardware, business applications and services, RMG offers a single point of accountability for integrated data visualization and real-time performance management. The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with additional offices in the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates. For more information, visit


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