Monitors AnyWhere Introduces USB Wall


Video walls are all the rage when it comes to contemporary branding purposes. They are great to engage with customers, and are popular in a wide variety of settings, including shops, public venues, and transportations. The problem is that many of the video wall solutions currently available on the market are rather costly, often requiring a lot of time and effort to be installed properly.

Setting up a perfect video wall can, indeed, become quite a challenge. The bright minds at Monitors AnyWhere, a leading provider of digital signage solutions, came up with a brand new USB wall. Their idea was to simply create a video wall alternative that would work just as well, but without the hassle of large expenses or cumbersome installations.

This remarkably inexpensive product uses reliable USB to HDMI adaptors, allowing users to tailor the set up to their particular needs and situation without the need to spend a lot of money on other devices. This is an all-in-one solution that might actually really make waves in the video walls market, given its incredibly low price and versatile set of premium features.

This revolutionary product is packed with innovative features, which allow people to set up their video walls as seamlessly as possible. The USB wall is affordable and easy to use. This product offers a wide range of possibilities in the way people can actually view the content. The feed from any Windows laptop or PC can be sent to various screens for multiple uses. It is possible to set up screens in different ways, from landscape mode to portrait and even 180 degrees rotations. Among other useful features, it is also possible to clone the main screen of your PC straight onto the video wall. Users can enjoy high resolution of up to 8K and perform bezel corrections when needed.

Monitors AnyWhere’s USB wall brings a new exciting value to the market, paving the way to more affordable, yet reliable video wall solutions.

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