Mood Media Gains Strong Global Momentum with their Sight Solutions, Crossing the 50,000 Milestone in Number of Visual Players Installed in Client Businesses


AUSTIN, Texas–Mood Media, the world’s leading in-store media solutions company dedicated to elevating the Customer Experience, recently hit the 50,000 milestone in number of visual players deployed across client locations worldwide. Mood leads the way in providing digital Sight solutions for businesses with customers facing occasional wait times, and its leading product offering, Mood TV, is a major contributor of its significant growth in the marketplace.

Mood TV is an ideal solution to implement in areas where customers have traditionally been exposed to live broadcast television with competitors’ commercials and the potential for inappropriate programming or unsettling news segments.

Unlike live broadcast television, Mood TV hosts curated, video programming that is pre-recorded, short-form and family-friendly. This product offering can also incorporate branded video commercials to help educate waiting customers about additional services, promotions, and available offerings. Mood TV is an IP-driven product, also giving clients advanced technical abilities for custom integrations.

Quest Diagnostics, the world’s leading provider of diagnostic information services, recently completed the installation of Quest TV, a customized solution designed by Mood Media. This rollout included more than 2,200 Quest Diagnostics waiting room lobbies in Patient Service Centers across the United States, with Mood meeting all quarterly timelines and exceeding rollout expectations.

“We’re seeing increasing demand for our digital signage and Mood TV solutions as more and more businesses realize the cost-effective and powerful impact of a thoughtful visual content strategy,” said Ken Eissing, President, In-Store Media at Mood Media. “In today’s competitive marketplace, brick & mortar businesses cannot afford to be complacent; leading clients like Quest are optimizing waiting areas, lobbies and other physical spaces with Mood’s Sight solutions to create well-designed, engaging and on-brand customer experiences.”

In addition to compelling and adaptable content, Mood TV is integrated with Quest’s patient check-in system so clients can actively monitor their progress while keeping their privacy intact. This custom integration also provides Quest with the ability to easily provide site-specific content to each of the 2,200 locations.

“Mood Media’s integrated digital solution has significantly enhanced the customer experience for our patients,” said Chris Grant, Executive Director of Patient Services for Quest Diagnostics. “Mood TV’s solution provides insight and information far and above what regular, live TV can deliver.”

Quest and Mood are currently partnering to provide this enhanced solution to Quest Diagnostics locations inside grocery and retail chains as well. To find out more information about Mood TV and other Mood Media Sight Solution offerings, go to

About Mood Media

Mood Media is the world’s leading in-store media solutions company dedicated to elevating the Customer Experience. They create greater emotional connections between brands and consumers through the right combination of sight, sound, scent, social mobile and systems solutions. They reach more than 150 million consumers each day through more than 500,000 subscriber locations in 100+ countries around the globe. Mood’s clients include businesses of all sizes and market sectors, from the world’s most recognized retailers and hotels to quick-service restaurants, local banks and thousands of small businesses. For more details:


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