Mood Media’s Holistic Guest Experience Indulges the Senses


AUSTIN, TX—For more than 80 years, Mood Media has created background music. Now, the company, based here, is stepping into the limelight with the introduction of a holistic guest experience, from music to digital signage, on-hold messaging, scent marketing and professionally designed sound systems.

For the hotel industry, Mood Media offers consultative services to provide each client with an understanding of conveying their brand message through a holistic guest experience, according to the company.

“In recent years, with the explosion of mobile technology, and in particular with travel apps and independent review sites, it’s critical that hotels find ways to make the total experience more personal and interactive,” said Jaime Bettencourt, SVP – premier sales & account management, Mood Media. “Integrating media technologies such as Mood Presence provides a powerful point of connection and discovery.”  

She added, “More than ever, hotels need to focus on the design of the total guest experience and, most importantly, on the experience at and inside the property. Ultimately, that is what guests remember most; it’s what creates preference, repeat stays and loyalty. The in-person experience is what drives online reviews, ratings and word-of-mouth recommendations.”

Mood Media helps hoteliers and hospitality brands create distinctive experiences for their guests. The company approaches this concept, called “Experience Design,” as a holistic strategy, which means ensuring that every touch point communicates the brands’ values. Differentiation is created with a strategic approach to the in-person experience. “Audio, visuals and scent can work together to convey your brand and speak to your clientele,” said Bettencourt. “Consistency is critical.” 

For Mood Media, creating visuals, sound, scent and mobile interaction is crucial to the guest experience. “It’s everything. Whatever your style—boutique, extended-stay or full-service—the right audio, visuals and scent can work together to set the distinct mood that speaks to your brand and your clientele,” said Bettencourt. “When done right, the experience just flows, and it feels right. It’s consistent in each property no matter where it’s located.” 

She added, “Guests can always expect the same experience no matter where they travel, and this creates a sense of comfort that translates into loyalty. On the other hand, when things like music and scent are left to chance, that can create a very distracting, uncomfortable and inconsistent experience. A guest doesn’t know what to expect.”

To give hoteliers a competitive edge, Mood Media offers the value of working with a single-source provider that integrates various components of the guest experience. “Our holistic and strategic approach to a great guest experience enhances the value and quality of the solutions we provide,” said Bettencourt. “As such, the solutions we provide help our clients differentiate themselves and ensure that they are able to maintain a consistent guest experience across their entire footprint.” 

The company is currently exploring new ways to leverage and integrate content, technology and data to create a more personal and mobile experience across all touch points of the customer journey. “While we continue to develop new and innovative technologies, the fundamental principles for creating a strong brand and a great guest experience will always remain true,” said Bettencourt.

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