Moxy Chattanooga Hotel Revives Local History & Engages Its Guests with an Old School Split Flap Display


PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, February 7, 2019Moxy Hotels isn’t an average hotel chain. Often described as an “experiential hotel”, the fun-focused brand debuted by Marriott in 2016 offers a different kind of stay; one where the common spaces, bars and traveler interactions receive more attention than the guest rooms. At one of its newest locations, the Moxy Chattanooga Downtown in Chattanooga, TN, the unique experience starts as soon as guests walk in the door and see an Oat Foundry Split Flap Display in action, a classic travel industry technology straight out of the 1960’s.

“We’re proud to have the Oat Foundry Split Flap Display as a staple in our lobby – it’s the very first thing you see when you walk in our main entrance,” said Kelly Helton, Assistant General Manager at the Moxy Chattanooga. “It’s fun to see people gasp and be surprised by the technology. What’s great is that we have instant control over the content, and it even uses different styles to flip to new messages. If the first transition is all the flaps flipping simultaneously, the next transition might be a wave from left to right. It keeps it interesting and provides guests with ‘Instagrammable’ moments that are part of their Moxy experience.”

Helton made it clear that the Split Flap Display isn’t just a piece of tech artwork either – it’s also an homage to the city’s deep railroad roots, evidenced by the old train tracks that run right alongside the hotel’s outdoor bar area.

“Moxy’s style is contemporary urban chic, so having this nod to Chattanooga’s roots tie in with the design of the hotel is a really nice touch,” she said. “That’s also why we call our outdoor bar ‘The Railyard’ and designed it as a container bar, where the bar area looks like an old railroad car. All these little touches give our guests unique, locally-focused reasons to stay with us and enjoy our new hotel.”

The 6 row by 24 column Oat Foundry Split Flap Display is a multi-use messaging board, allowing the hotel to program any messages it desires and to create a schedule for automated daily communication with guests. At the hotel’s first New Year’s party, they shared fun quips like “Dear 2018, Bye Felicia!” and “Do more things that make you forget to check your phone” while guests waited for the ball to drop. The message changes every 15 seconds, so guests always have something new to see and can easily grab a photo or video of the flipping in action.

According to Mark Kuhn, CEO and Founder of Oat Foundry, Moxy Chattanooga Downtown is the perfect place to show off the classic style of its Split Flap Display and revive a bit of American travel history.

“Moxy Hotels want guests to be entertained, not simply go to their rooms and emerge the next morning,” Kuhn said. “The goal is to encourage people to have fun, to promote guest interactions, to have them leave saying ‘the hotel was one of the best parts of this trip.’ At Moxy Chattanooga, our Split Flap Display is the first thing guests see when they arrive and the last thing they see before departing, so it makes an impression that really drives home the fun factor. It’s hard not to smile and feel anticipation as the flaps flip, waiting to see what will come next.”

Moxy Chattanooga is using the technology to share fun quotes and inspiring messages, in addition to including custom welcome messages for parties or groups of guests.

“We want to engage people!” Helton said. “The Moxy guests are fun-hunters, that’s why we have shuffleboard, ping pong, and an adult-sized Connect Four game. The Moxy experience begins when guests check-in at the bar and they receive a complimentary signature cocktail. The Oat Foundry Split Flap Display is a great conversation piece that our guests remember as part of their stay at Chattanooga’s newest hotel.”

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About Oat Foundry
Founded and operated by Philadelphia natives, Oat Foundry is an agency of engineers that design and build cool stuff for brands and companies. From Split Flap Displays to an industrialized cold brew plant – the company is a fully capable engineering design studio in a prototyping and light scape manufacturing facility. Oat Foundry has become the world’s leading provider of Split Flap Displays, with displays in operation domestically and internationally, with installations in the United States, UK, Costa Rica, Mexico, Canada, Hong Kong, and Azerbaijan.


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