Murdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply Turns to Digital Signage


Murdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply, an upscale mercantile, turned to Four Winds Interactive’s software to increase sales through enhancing the customer experience and improving employee retention with internal training. Murdoch’s deployed 186 digital signs across 14 stores and the home office to showcase product information, current promotions, community support, branding, training and more.

Nominating Company: Four Winds Interactive; Denver, Colorado
Venue: Murdoch’s Ranch and Home Supply; Bozeman, Montana
Project: Murdoch’ Ranch and Home Supply digital signage
Category: Retail

Digital Signage at Murdoch's Ranch & Home Supply

Murdoch’s partnered with Four Winds Interactive to create a visual communications network that improves the experience for both customers and employees. Their goals included:

• Enhancing the shopping experience
• Increasing sales
• Improving employee retention

To achieve their customer goals, Murdoch’s leveraged 13 digital signs in departments across their store to showcase product information, promotions, community support, store manager profiles and other branded content. This created an interactive shopping environment and gave customers “reasons to believe” in Murdoch’s.

To achieve their employee goal, Murdoch’s leveraged digital signage to create meaningful and interactive training experiences both in their stores and their home office. Content is displayed on 46-inch screens in training and break rooms and connects to Murdoch’s internal Learning Management System. Additionally, they stream content such as new employee profiles, non-profit events, product and sales training, employee onboarding and more.

After a failed digital signage pilot in 2011, Murdoch’s turned to FWI to try again. They had one chance to prove to upper management that a visual communications network was the answer to improving the customer and employee experience and driving sales.

Murdoch’s relies heavily on the overall shopping experience; they create a specific ambience in each of their locations and they needed their visual communications network to support this. Based on this, their physical screens needed to fit their aesthetic appeal as well as the content that was portrayed.

Because of Murdoch’s small budget, they needed a way to finance their content to ensure it remained relevant, fresh and engaging.

Murdoch’s implemented a visual communications network powered by FWI to accomplish both their customer and employee goals. Currently, 14 Murdoch’s locations are leveraging both customer and employee digital signs. Their network features one break room sign to increase employee communication and training, leading to better employee experiences and retention. They also leverage 13 screens on the retail floor throughout different departments. These are a mixture of displays that include:

• Signs built into wood enclosures to fit the look and feel of Murdoch’s to improve the shopping experience.
• Signs used as end caps at eye level to drive sales.

Murdoch’s leverages FWI’s software platform to create content itself. This includes product information, interactive videos, event promotions and more. Additionally, they work with their current suppliers for paid advertising spots, which are easily incorporated into their network with FWI’s software.

Murdoch’s has seen very positive results from their implementation with FWI. Digital signage adds value to the customer’s experience and contributes to additional sales. Results include:

• Incremental sales growth of featured products and brands ranging from 3 percent to 122 percent over a 30-day period.
• Paid advertising with partners for digital signage content has increased 47 percent compared to non-digital content.
• Campaign participation is 100 percent in locations with a digital signage network because FWI’s software makes it so easy to leverage and deploy branded content, whereas participation before their network was deployed hovered at 35 percent.
• Growing supplier support as suppliers see paid advertising on Murdoch’s visual communications network as cutting-edge and a way to grow sales and shape customer shopping awareness and behaviors.

Murdoch’s has currently deployed 186 total displays across 14 locations and their home office. Due to its success, they had signage at 27+ stores by the end of 2015.

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