Museum of the Bible’s Reactive Media Space Explores the Book in Real Time


Designed by C&G Partners for Museum of the Bible, Washington D.C., “Bible Now” is a reactive media space exploring the impact of the Bible in real time. The exhibition experience tracks social media, engages visitor creativity, and tours a holy city in an immersive time lapse. A 360-degree, full-height panorama of digital information is sourced from multiple channels, including current contributions by visitors on interactive tables that fill the space, allowing for a myriad of creative expressions.

Nominating Company: C&G Partners, New York, New York
Venue: “Bible Now” Reactive Media Space, New York, New York
Project: “Bible Now” Reactive Media Space
Category: Entertainment & Recreation

C&G Partners created 30,000 square feet of permanent galleries for the Museum of the Bible, dubbed the most technologically advanced museum in the world. The galleries comprise the “Impact of the Bible” floor that examines the cultural and historical influence of the most read, most loved, and most hated book in the world.

A 360-degree, full height, constantly changing panorama of digital information shows the Bible’s impact in actual time. The immersive digital experience is sourced from multiple channels. Live information is streamed from social media feeds around the world, readings of tens of millions of Bible app users, a 24-hour time-lapse view of the biblical city of Jerusalem, and current contributions by museum visitors on the three interactive tables, allowing visitors to express their creativity in real time.

When C&G Partners was asked to participate in the Museum of the Bible project, our reaction was immediate. The impact of the Bible on culture should fascinate anyone, regardless of faith. And our new clients were clear that this would be a world-class, fully-vetted, non-sectarian exhibit — and it is.

We knew there would be controversy, both spiritual and political from all sides, along with pent-up interest. But we saw an opportunity to bring different kinds of people together. We took on this project despite likely complications, or in a way, because of them. We’re compelled by our fascination on the subject, the positive intent of the project, our belief in design for culture, and the kindness of our clients.

We are proud of our work and grateful for the opportunity. In the end, the greatest reward has been the many new friendships, built on understanding and commonalities.


The powerful digital experience had to surprise and engage a diverse range of visitors regardless of their expectations, level of knowledge, or thoughts about the book.

To do this, we went beyond the Bible’s historical influences on American and world cultures to feature the Bible’s impacts on our lives today.

Our solution—”Bible Now”—started with conceptualizing phygital experiences that combined the expertise of a content team, international biblical scholars, exhibit and digital designers, filmmakers, animators, technical developers, and digital integrators.

The goal of the reactive media space is to turn visitors into active participants so their stories become part of the exhibition environment.

Both the Museum and “Bible Now” have been extremely successful. According to reports, 200,000 people have visited two months after its opening. Furthermore, since opening its doors, it received stellar ratings on both Google—4.6 out of 5—and Facebook—4.8 out of 5—each of which have more than 1,200 reviews. The Museum also received extensive press coverage:

According to The Washington Post, “The new Bible museum tells a clear, powerful story. And it could change the museum business.”

PBS states “Cultural references … abound in the museum, especially on the ‘Impact of the Bible’ floor, which traces the Bible’s influence on everything from fashion to the justice system to music.”

1) C&G Partners, Primary Design Team (Project Roles)

a) Jonathan Alger, Principal/Creative Lead
b) Maya Kopytman, Media Design Lead
c) Amy Siegel, Environmental Signage Lead
d) Alin Tocmacov, Project Manager and 3D Design Lead
e) Leslie Dann, Media Production Manager and UX Design Lead
f) Fabio Gherardi, Graphic Design Lead
g) Alex Kelly, Content Lead

2) Sub-consultants

a) Potion, Interactive Software Development
b) Redfitz, Video Production for linear media
c) PPI Consulting, System Design
d) SH Acoustics, acoustic consultant
e) Available Light, Lighting Design
g) Institute of Human Centered Design, ADA Consultant

3) Project Partners

a) Kubik Maltbie Inc., Exhibit Fabricator
b) Electrosonic, A/V Integrator

4)Hardware Providers

a) Christie
b) Planar
c) Watchout

“Bible Now” Reactive Media Space won a 2019 APEX Award in the Entertainment & Recreation category.

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  1. Surely it will boost the traffic of museum highly. Especially as ‘Bible Now’ is now a successful setup, it will help to make the museum more famous.

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