Mvix Launches Digital Docket Display System for Courthouses


STERLING, Va., July 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — The Mvix Docket Display Systems are driven by their simple yet innovative Docket widget. Priced at $10/month for each display, the widget pulls case information from a docket database (in CSV, XML or JSON files), arranges the data in a format that is attractive and easy to read, then displays the information on a digital screen. Updates made to the docket database are automatically reflected on the digital displays.

Designed to empower court clerks, the intuitive docket displays can get very granular in the case information they display. In addition to names, case numbers, courtrooms and time, the docket displays can also show a description of the hearing, attorney information, building/floor, and the presiding judge. Clerks can even display custom information that’s specific to their court e.g. police officer names in traffic court.

With the digital docket displays, courts can enjoy faster throughput and more effective outcomes. The digital case information displays will reduce overall operating costs by eliminating the consumption of paper and printer supplies. 

They will also increase the efficiency of court clerks by cutting down on the time and effort required to display case information. Real-time information can be rendered across a bank of docket displays, all from a centralized location. The displays can be configured to show different information relative to their location. For example, a display in the courthouse lobby can show the docket of all judges, while a display in the hallway outside a courtroom can show the docket for that specific judge. 

The docket displays will also improve the court experience. When visitors can quickly find the information they need, congestion and crowding in high traffic areas will be eliminated. The digital real estate provided by the displays enables clerks to display multiple content at the same time e.g. show the docket alongside weather, news, court announcements, etc. Screens at the exit/entrance can also show traffic information. Displaying such relevant information will further improve the court experience. 

One of the unique features of the Mvix Docket Display System is its versatility. In the event of an emergency, the displays can be used as emergency messaging solutions. Emergency alerts, including CAP alerts from local and national sources, can take over the displays and override current content to provide information about the emergency and instructions on what to do. 

“The Docket Display System does an excellent job of improving court performance through improved coordination and communication,” said A. Jay, the Mvix Senior Director of Business Relations. “This is a cost effective tool that every court needs especially in this digital age. It meets the needs of court personnel and visitors, and executes impeccably.”



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