NanoLumens® Asks and Answers, “Hey, What Does This Spec Mean?” with New Webinar


NanoLumens Vice President of Systems Engineering Doug Price will explain and explore many of the AV industry’s most common and most confusing specifications

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, November 1st, 2019 – NanoLumens, award-winning creators of uniquely compelling interactive LED visualization solutions, today announced it will host a unique webinar on November 14th, 2019 entitled, “Locking Down LED Lingo.” The webinar will run from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM and registration is now open here.

According to Joe’ Lloyd, the NanoLumens Vice President of Global Marketing and Business Development, she will be hosting the webinar alongside NanoLumens Vice President of Systems Engineering Doug Price, a seasoned industry expert on the design and specification of digital display systems.

“The prospect of purchasing commercial digital display solutions is daunting, in no small part due to the complexity of ever-changing industry jargon,” Price said today. “The fluidity of many of the industry’s most common –yet most confusing- specifications can make the precise definitions of these terms quite difficult to pin down. With this webinar however, we hope to do exactly that: nail down these concepts with concrete definitions so consumers can confidently counter sales speak with specificity.”

According to Lloyd, the webinar is designed to cover the specifications clients and partners will encounter once they go beyond the basic display terminology like pixel pitch, viewing distance, and resolution. A majority of the content covered within the webinar will draw upon a recently released white paper from NanoLumens. That paper, titled “Hey! What Does This Spec Mean?” is available here.

Webinar participants will come away understanding why the display industry is so fluid with terminology and will enjoy confirming precise definitions for terms that can confusingly shift meaning from one manufacturer to the next. The webinar will finish up with a live Q&A with Price so participants are encouraged to bring any specification-related questions they may have.

“If you’ve ever been curious about what a particular spec meant, we guarantee you aren’t alone,” said Price. “Hopefully this webinar will help all of us get on the same page as we iron out some straightforward definitions and clear up any questions you may have!”

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