Nationwide Children’s Hospital’s Heritage Hall Provides Focal Point for Main Campus


Nestled along the busiest pathway at the heart of Nationwide Children’s Hospital’s main campus, Heritage Hall is more than a digital signage installation. It is two banks of six large screens that connect staff, patients and families to the unique history of the hospital and the power of transformational philanthropy.

Nominating Company: Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Columbus, Ohio
Venue: Nationwide Children’s Hospital Heritage Hall, Columbus, Ohio
Project: Heritage Hall
Category: Education & Healthcare

The goal of the Heritage Hall installation was to build a central focal point to celebrate the rich 130-year- history and the incredible support Nationwide and Nationwide Foundation have given to the hospital for more than six decades. The hope was to create a pause-point where families and staff could benefit from the delightful distractions of the area and embrace the opportunity to relax for a few minutes during an otherwise stressful day.

Planning began in the summer of 2015 with discussions around how to breathe new life into what was a museum-like display. Dust walls went up in early fall of 2015, so the hospital’s Engineering team could remove the old display and prep the space for the digital installation with design assistance by Formation. Experts at ASI chose 12 Samsung 46-inch video wall monitors for their ultra-narrow, nearly-seamless 3.5-millimeter bezel-to-bezel width, high brightness and high HD resolution.

Heritage Hall is located in a public, high-traffic area that posed challenges for installation and content testing. Nationwide Children’s required the video walls to be presented with little-to-no gap around the monitors. ASI was challenged with a very tight recess space to reduce the gap to approximately one-half of an inch around the entire video wall. Another hurdle was content updates. With tight timelines and important clients, content must be easily synchronized and controlled. In such a high-profile space, with patients and families constantly walking by at all hours of the day, there is no time for downtime or issues.

The last challenge was telling a historic narrative with new digital media. From legacy pieces and artifacts from the hospital’s early years to the latest digital assets available from both institutions, Nationwide Children’s sought to interweave the historical with the modern day accomplishments resulting from the alliance.

For installation, ASI utilized the Chief ConnexSys Video Wall Mounting System to use single lengths of channel strut to provide a measurable accuracy in the overall alignment of each row of the video wall along with eight points of adjustment to ensure the video wall was perfectly level and presented a consistently smooth viewing surface. With content updates and quick changes top of mind, ASI implemented a MediaVue SureVue 06 video wall media player with six DVI outputs to connect both video walls to a single controller. This allowed the Appspace content management software to be set up in such a way as to provide Nationwide Children’s Hospital with an effective solution to design content that could be displayed independently on each wall or as a single message across both video walls, with little-to-no downtime.

The blue glow from the temporary plastic dust wall created such interest and intrigue among patients, families and staff that attendance at the reveal was overwhelming! Situated on a busy pathway and across from a major registration hub, Heritage Hall benefits from the attention of countless daily viewers and has truly become a landmark on the main campus. Within hours of the reveal, requests were pouring in from teams and departments wanting their content featured in the playlist. After the reveal in late 2015, Nationwide requested to repurpose the Heritage Hall playlist for a digital installation in their headquarters.

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