NC State University’s Wolfpack Wall Engages Fans and Students on the Walk of Fame and History


The Wolfpack Wall is the signature media experience in the new Walk of Fame and History in Reynolds Coliseum at NC State University. The program is designed to appeal to guests of all ages, providing an experience that is both entertaining and enlightening.

Nominating Company: LKC Creative, Raleigh, North Carolina
Venue: NC State University Walk of Fame and History, Raleigh, North Carolina
Project: The Wolfpack Wall
Category: Venues

The visual design centered on three elements: 1) the polygonal, textured rock formations are an extension of the design vocabulary in the surrounding exhibits, 2) the red bricks are a staple of the University’s campus aesthetic, and 3) the spirit of the Wolfpack, in the context of athletics, is both fierce and competitive.

The objective was to surprise and delight visitors. The installation is comprised of eight screens, in a 4×2 array, that function as a single canvas with a resolution of 7680×2160. The 3D scene comes to life when a guest approaches and his presence is detected by one of two Microsoft Kinect sensors. The alpha wolf then runs down from his perch and howls, summoning the rest of the pack into the scene. Step closer and the wolves might sniff your presence, lick the screen, jump around to try and play with you or growl at you.

The main challenge concerning the user experience was deciding how to organize content, sequence the user experience, and integrate Tuffy Toss, the cornhole-inspired gesture-based game.

Calls-to-action invite guests to touch the screens and watch athletics highlight videos, play sports trivia, browse social media and meet featured athletes. The videos are organized by sports season (fall, winter, or spring), and the trivia experience features more than 100 questions that challenge even the most faithful of fans. The social media experience features photos from NC State Athletics’ Twitter and Instagram accounts, and the featured athletes presentation introduces approximately 20 rising seniors from various sports to the guests.

The main challenge concerning administration was managing content. A custom-developed Content Management System (CMS), allowing for regular updates by museum staff, supports the application. The CMS also features an analytics module that helps museum staff track media engagement.


The solution to the visual design challenge was to design a scene that is intentionally surrealistic with elements of photorealism.

The technical solution for implementing Tuffy Toss was to design a portal that took up to four users directly to the game. Tuffy Toss is an end-to-end game experience that was developed using skeleton tracking with the Microsoft Kinect. The game begins with a prompt to take a few steps back from the screen so the player can be recognized. A three-second countdown then ensues before the game begins. Up to four people can play at a time, and each player attempts to toss a ball-like object into an octagonal hoop that moves to a new location in between each toss. The farther away the hoop is in the scene, the more points a player scores with a successful toss.


Feedback from NC State officials, fans and other guests has been exceedingly positive. The wall has become a fan favorite and a social gathering place before—and during—games.

Exhibit Design: HealyKohler Design
AV Integration: 1220 Exhibits

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