Nebraska High School Sports Hall of Fame Installs Gesture-Based Gaming


Nanonation partnered with the Nebraska High School Sports Hall of Fame (NHSSHOF) to create a gesture-based, multi-player game for their volleyball exhibit. Nanonation proposed the concept of a 2-Dimensional game powered by a Time of Flight camera and a motion sensing device that supports the interactive aspect of the experience. The experience is a continuous volleyball game with up to four players, and as a bonus, they are able to add an educational element about inductees.

Nominating Company: Nanonation, Lincoln, Nebraska
Venue: Nebraska High School, Lincoln, Nebraska
Project: Nebraska High School Sports Hall of Fame
Category: Entertainment & Recreation

Immersing visitors of all ages and levels of tech savviness into the feeling of playing volleyball was an important goal for the Hall of Fame. Nanonation worked closely with the directors to implement an interactive game that facilitated an educative and engaging space. Visitors perform motions such as raising their hand to serve. Between sets, an overlay appears that teaches visitors about past Nebraska volleyball inductees. The game takes place in the volleyball area of the Hall of Fame, complete with volleyball court flooring.

We typically build on earlier gesture-based games, which have been single-player. Since this was a game one to four people could participate in, the team had to figure out how the software should react if one, two, three or four people were playing. Additionally, NHSSHOF wanted to use hardware used for a previous installation to help save on costs. The team had to work through the placement of the projector, taking the space’s lighting and other environmental factors into consideration.

Since the projector had to be placed on the opposite side of the exhibit and the camera and PC needed to be in above the projected image, the team used an HDMI extender kit and ran the cables on the ceiling. We built on earlier single-player games, expanding the technology to include multi-player functionality and improving our previous deployments. The development team built the game’s software to automatically plug a person into the quadrant in which they are standing. If another person enters an occupied quadrant, the avatar is shaded and will be directed to an open space. The team also “stress tested” the game by setting up the application in our all-company meeting to make sure it could handle large capacities of people.

Nanonation has created multiple experiences for the Nebraska High School Sports Hall of Fame, including two other single-player interactive gesture games.

“I think this is the best experience yet from Nanonation,” said Executive Director Chuck Johnston.

The game is intended to be experiential, creating an overall enjoyable and educational environment at the Hall of Fame. That being said, there are no statistics on attendance or other factors before or after the deployment. Mike Rasmussen, Assistant Executive Director, also noted that the game is extremely fun for people of any age.

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