NEC Display Showcasing Flexible Cinema Projector Solutions at Expocine 2017 in São Paulo


CHICAGO – Sept. 27, 2017 NEC Display Solutions of America, the number one global digital cinema laser projector provider, will attend ExpoCine 2017 in São Paulo on September 27-29, showcasing its line of flexible digital cinema projector solutions. NEC Display’s extensive portfolio of digital cinema projectors provide ideal solutions for the Latin American cinema market, including projectors that deliver richer and brighter colors for small, medium, and large screen operators.

“NEC Display prides itself on evaluating the needs of the marketplace and delivering customer-centric solutions that deliver a lower total cost of ownership and feature the most innovative technology to enhance the cinema experience,” said Rich McPherson, Sr. Product Manager for Projectors at NEC Display Solutions. “NEC Display offers the most flexible portfolio of digital cinema projectors in the market, including lamp-based solutions for smaller screens all the way up to the high versatility of laser projectors for large screens.”

Among the solutions offered by NEC Display are the NC series of digital cinema projectors, which offer high versatility and flexibility in a small package. For example, the NC1000C is a compact and silent 2K, DCI-certified DLP digital cinema projector equipped with a S2K chipset from Texas Instruments®, designed for theaters with small screens, booth-less cinema, or mobile theaters. Its dual lamp system ensures no black screen, and lamp changes can be made from the side of the projector for easy maintenance.

For cinema operators with medium-sized screens, NEC Display offers the NC1201L, a compact 7,000-lumen blue laser/yellow phosphor digital cinema projector capable of projecting 3D content at full 2K resolution and triple flash for smooth motion. The NC1201L provides 14-ft. L (using a 1.8 gain screen) on screens up to 39.4 ft./12m in DCI color. It also features a built-in laser light source delivering up to 20,000 hours of maintenance free operation for a lower total cost of ownership.

For operators who need extra brightness, NEC Display offers the NC1700L, a dual-laser digital cinema projector with richer colors and brigher images as well as reduced cost of ownership. Designed for 2D and 3D playback on small to medium screen sizes, the NC1700L projector delivers 14,000 lumens of brightness with richer colors – thanks to its industry-first RB laser system. The new laser system features red and blue lasers paired with green phosphor to produce a rich color spectrum with unsurpassed brightness for the ultimate cinema experience.

For large-screen cinema operators, NEC Display offers the NC3541L, a 4K digital cinema projector that features cutting-edge RB laser/green phosphor technology. With a whopping 35,000 lumens, the NC3541L is ideal for Latin America’s largest venues, and the RB laser design eliminates the need to replace a lamp or require an external cooling system, adding versatility in installation.

Finally, for premium large-format auditoriums with screens up to 108.3 feet wide, NEC’s flagship NC3540LS is a 35,000-lumen RGB laser DLP cinema projector delivering precise 4K resolution. The NC3540LS uses a fiber coupled laser system that delivers an impressively wide color space (Rec 2020), 3D capabilities, and high contrast images along with user-friendly operation and minimal maintenance.

The NC1201L will be on display at ExpoCine, along with the live demonstration of a new facial recognition system, tailored for the Latin American cinema market, that will show operators how to attract more spectators and improve concession sales.

Visit NEC Display at ExpoCine, taking place Sept. 27-29, at booth #26. To learn more about NEC Display’s digital cinema projector lineup, visit

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