NEC Display Solutions Brings Digital Projection to Smaller Theaters with NC1000C Projector


NEC Display Solutions of America, a leading provider of commercial LCD display and projector solutions, announced today the newest model in its Digital Cinema Projector Series, the NC1000C, successor of the NC900C, enhancing wider screen coverage with 400W dual NSH lamps and more than 4dB lower fan noise (now a low 48dB).

The small but powerful NC1000C builds on NEC’s expertise in the digital cinema industry, being the most compact and silent 2K, DCI-certified digital projector in the market, equipped with a S2K chipset from Texas Instruments®. Perfect for theaters with small screens, small projection booths or booth-less cinemas and mobile cinemas, the dual-lamp projector is space-saving and transportation friendly. This compact solution with exceptionally low operational costs is perfect for cinema screens up to 34.8 ft./10.6m in DCI color when using a 1.8x gain.
“The NC1000C is the perfect answer for theaters with small screens or projection booths that need high-quality cinema projection quality,” said Rich McPherson, Sr. Product Manager for Projectors at NEC Display Solutions. “The S2K chipset from Texas Instruments makes this the most compact 2K DCI-certified digital cinema projector yet, while offering the most flexibility and lowest total cost of ownership.”
The NC1000C delivers 3D content using the projector’s full 2k resolution and triple flash technology for smooth motion. Flexibility is enhanced with an HDMI connector and dual 3GSDI ports. With its two Gigabit Ethernet ports, content can be provided over the network and stored on an integrated Raid 5 server with capacity up to 2TB (available separately). The easy dual lamp system on the NC1000C provides added reliability by showing no black-screen, and easy lamp exchange and transportation. Its integrated lamp power supply and lack of exhaust ensure simplified installation on either floor or ceiling applications.
NEC will offer a variety of NC1000C solutions to fit customer requirements, including a built-in Integrated Media Server (IMS). The NC1000C will be available in the fall of 2016 with a variety of bayonet lenses, enabling motorized zoom, focus and shift capabilities.
NEC Display Solutions will expand its digital cinema projector portfolio even further with the new NC3540LS flagship, a 4K RGB laser projector, as well as the new NC1700L laser phosphor projector, both available this winter.
The NC3540LS is equipped with IPG Photonics’ fiber laser light source, offering outstanding resolution and high brightness to support even light-intensive 3D technology. When configured in a two-projector stacking setup, the NC3540LS is capable of delivering up to 70,000 lumens of brightness, ensuring a truly immersive experience for cinemagoers and perfect for installations with large theater screens. The NC3540LS will be available in November 2016.
Finally, the NC1700L laser phosphor projector is designed for theatres with mid-sized screens of up to 56 feet/17 meters in width. With the latest laser light source technology, the solution offers beautiful, crisp color, easy installation and maintenance free operation. The NC1700L will become available in January 2017.
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