NEC Display’s Executive Briefing Center Runs the Gamut of Available Solutions


The NEC Display Executive Briefing Center is a key component of NEC Display’s new headquarters in Downer’s Grove, Illinois. The briefing center contains several vignettes that focus on various vertical markets that NEC Display serves, including restaurants/cafes, theaters and large venues, education, command & control, retail, transportation healthcare, and various corporate settings like large and small conference rooms and lobby areas.

Nominating Company: NEC Display, Downer’s Grove, Illinois
Venue: NEC Display Executive Briefing Center, Downer’s Grove, Illinois
Project: NEC Display Executive Briefing Center
Category: Corporate Environments

The Executive Briefing Center was a key design element when planning NEC Display’s new headquarters. NEC Display wanted to create an area where it could bring its customers and partners together to showcase and get hands-on experience with the various solutions it offers. By organizing the space into a series of vignettes, NEC Display is able to maximize the number of solutions and partners on display, while also providing specific examples of how its solutions cater to specific needs. In addition to the physical aspects of the solutions (large-format displays, desktops, projectors, dvLED walls and mounting hardware), NEC Display also wanted to show off its software partners and systems, including the newly announced NEC Analytics Learning Platform.

NEC Display wanted to maximize the amount of solutions it could showcase in the Executive Briefing Center, but needed to fit everything within the space allotted per the floor plan. That meant making some of the vignettes pull double duty as usable space for NEC Display employees, including the lobby, corporate conference areas, and even the cafe setting. In order to bring the solutions to life, they had to be functional as well. That meant creating scenarios for the command and control vignette such as tracking real-time flight data, and creating a map for the briefing center for the wayfinding kiosk. Most importantly, NEC Display’s ALP solution, on display in the retail vignette, needed to be running a live demonstration, feeding data from various sensors and delivering dynamic content to displays and insights to the customer dashboard.

NEC Display used its deep connections in the digital signage industry and called upon a wide variety of its partners to build custom solutions that fit the available space perfectly. Combining its own product lines, including desktop and large-format displays, projectors, direct view LED walls and more allowed NEC Display to show off its entire product portfolio with spectacular results. Using a wide array of display products meant using a wide array of mounting solutions as well, and these were provided by partners like Peerless-AV and Chief. Software and peripheral partners were also critical, with technology being contributed by companies like Hiperwall, Crestron, Logitech and more.

The Executive Briefing Center was a huge undertaking that required the coordination of all product lines at NEC Display. The result is a functional and dazzling display exposition that serves as a showcase for all of NEC Display’s latest technology. The space has hosted customers, partners, media and visitors from NEC abroad. It serves as a perfect resource to help customers visualize how to best tackle their own specific digital signage needs, and is a conversation starter for partners to discuss exciting new applications.

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