Neiman Marcus Debuts Interactive Technology for Sunglass Shopping


Neiman Marcus has partnered with MemoMi and eyewear distributor Luxottica Wholesale on the launch of a new technology patented by MemoMi that enables sunglass shoppers to try-on, compare and better engage with the product.

The technology, dubbed Sunglass Memory Mirror, allows shoppers to view side-by-side, high-definition video “TryOn” comparisons at the store, and share the videos via email or social media, as well as with sales associates to help with future recommendations.

“At Neiman Marcus, we strive to enhance our customer experience,” said Scott Emmons, Head of the Neiman Marcus Innovation Lab in a statement.  “The Sunglass Memory Mirror adds the whit and whimsy back to eyewear shopping. The ability to see how a frame looks from every angle and instantly share it with one’s social network reiterates Neiman Marcus’ objective to continually surprise and delight.” 

“We saw an opportunity to better engage consumers within Neiman Marcus’ high-touch sunglass retail environment,” added Fabrizio Uguzzoni, President of Luxottica Wholesale in a statement. “The Sunglass MemoryMirror integrates technology seamlessly into the shopping experience, giving shoppers the tools to find their perfect sunglass fit and share their experience with friends across social channels. It’s one of many ways we’re looking to improve the way consumers shop for, and interact with, eyewear.”

Sunglass Memory Mirror initially will be available at five Neiman Marcus locations: Palo Alto, San Francisco, Houston, NorthPark and Fashion Island. 


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