Netipbox Technologies Offers Freely Accessible Covid-19 Digital Content for Digital Signage Networks

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Barcelona, April 20th, 2020.- Netipbox Technologies, a company specialized in the development of solutions for the digital transformation of physical spaces, has formed a team to adapt Covid-19 information into a digital format for digital signage applications. With data from official sources from the different countries where their clients operate (WHO, the American CDC, the Health Services of France and Portugal, the Ministry of Health of the Government of Spain, etc.), and making it freely accessible to those who manage digital signage networks in any sector.
The goal is to help disseminate relevant data and important instructions, as well as provide clearly and visually appealing guides and advice to fight the pandemic, to all supermarkets, food stores, hospitals, pharmacies, transportation services, hotels, residences, funeral homes, health centers and corporate channels that remain open and need to communicate safety and prevention measures through their screens.
“At Netipbox we want to transfer our support to all those companies and institutions that need to transmit information to customers and users and find difficulties to do so, whether they are our customers or not. Therefore, we have also adapted the download of content on-premises so that they can be used under other platforms, and we have developed in record time the RRSS application to be able to publish the content directly on social networks”, explains Toni Viñals, CEO of Netipbox.
With this content created by the intelligent digital communication platform created by Netipbox in 2018, now the directors of marketing, communication, human resources, quality, and any other department that needs to communicate, will be able to transmit relevant, accurate and up-to-date information in real time to educate the general public about what they need to do to protect themselves, and about the measures that companies and establishments are taking to ensure their safety.
This initiative, launched just two weeks ago, is already showing to be a success, and has already obtained more than 200 content downloads in the first three days.
Digital signage offers the possibility to transmit content through any screen with recommendations for the new rules of coexistence and socialization that have been imposed on us in the current situation (social distancing, use of masks, washing hands, keeping distances and not touching the face, etc.), of great help to keep both customers and employees informed.
“That’s why we’ve formed this team that is continuously updating official Covid-19 prevention content so that they can be used for free on any digital communication screen in any sector. And it is that, at a time like today, visual language is paramount to mitigating fear. We are faced with an exceptional situation and all the tools available will be welcome to disclose the information in the best possible way”, adds Viñals.
Digital content can be accessed upon registration on the platform, completely free of charge, for immediate dissemination by any screen or social network.

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