New Tattoos: Projection Mapping on the Human Face


The old adage is true. There is a first for everything … even if that something is as bizarre and specific as live projection mapping onto a human face. Thanks to beauty and fragrance juggernaut Sephora and Spanish interactive experiential agency Wildbytes, we can all check that one off the proverbial list. The companies recently collaborated on a trailblazing live event to promote TLC tattoo reality show star and gothic Renaissance woman Kat Von D’s new beauty and cosmetic line.

Images of everything from butterflies and flowers to skulls, theatrical makeup, fractal designs and metallic celestial bodies were projected onto Kat Von D’s face for an audience in real time using video projectors, 3D mapping software and a five-camera head tracking system running at 240 frames per second. As the video below illustrates, everything appearing on Kat Von D’s face happened in real time in front of the audience and was even scored by a top-notch string quartet. No visual effects or fancy post-production trickery necessary here.

We designed a 360 campaign to activate the tattoo artist fan base in Spain, and boost awareness around Kat Von D Beauty,” Wildbytes explained. “Influencers, unboxings, social contests and other pieces were part of the master plan. They all drove massive attention to the launch. The event blended digital makeup, design, artistry, a string quartet and technology in a live face mapping performance, representing Kat Von D´s process of artistic creation.”


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