Newark Real Estate Developer Chooses Gallery Digital Signage Directories to Enhance Properties


Newark Real Estate Developer Chooses Gallery Digital Signage Directories to Enhance PropertiesNEWARK, N.J. (PRWEB) October 30, 2017—The company chose digital displays from Gallery Digital Signage to replace and upgrade existing static directories in four locations around Military Park.

The Berger Organization called upon a custom installer working with Gallery Digital Signage’s designers and consultants to create unique directory solutions:

  • Refit an existing bronze framed sign at the 250,000-square-foot Military Park Building.
  • Create a custom-sized directory at the 128,000-square-foot Robert Treat Center.
  • Install several in-wall displays at the famous Robert Treat Hotel.
  • Install two standing kiosk directories at the 500,000-square-foot 33 Washington Street office building.

“We are very pleased with the outcome. Working with the Gallery Digital Signage product has successfully modernized our on-premise signage and enhanced the experience at these office and hospitality properties for our tenants and guests,” said Miles Berger, chairman and CEO of The Berger Organization.

Today’s real estate developers are challenged with making progressive, and often trendy renovations to their properties in order to increase demand for office space. The addition of digital signage directories allows for new and exciting enhancements that greet visitors or tenants in their first few minutes when entering a building. The value of improvements with digital directories is that they add a familiar touch of technology and progressive creativity that is usually not found in many building lobbies.

Gallery’s digital directories provide an easy-to-maintain and affordable way to change listings, communicate building information and greatly enhance a visitor’s experience. Also known as digital way-finding, the digital directory is a fast-growing trend in office buildings, hospitals, schools and universities, hotels and large facilities such as convention centers and travel terminals.

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