Newcastle University Graduates Help their Alma Mater with Digital Signage


Hawkr was started in October 2015 by three Newcastle University, UK graduates and began life as a digital out-of-home media technology company (DOOH) – think digital screens displaying images, video and web page content including internal marketing and communications combined with targeted advertising.

Upon approaching Newcastle University’s Students Union early in 2016, it was clear that the Students’ Union needed a much more sophisticated and manageable digital signage platform for the 50+ screens within their network.

The problems the Students’ Union had included the stuttering playback, limited scheduling options, the inability to check that content had been uploaded to the screens, no screen health alerts and limited flexibility around screen groups and channels. A complete lack of reporting tools meant that important advertiser data including impressions and occupancy was non-existent and had to be manually calculated.

By building on top of the DOOH technology that Hawkr had created and incorporating open-source technologies and a 100% API based web based management, the Students’ Union now has the most advanced and cutting edge digital signage system on the market, tailored specifically for their needs.

Including advanced day and time specific scheduling, flawless and flexible playback, advanced screen monitoring and real-time reporting, all built on a system that is being improved all the time. New features include an app store for integrating regulated Instagram and Twitter feeds to the screens along with YouTube channels streamed in parallel with key student messaging.

This has enabled the Students’ Union to work more efficiently with advertising partners and be the market leader in the student digital screen communications. With the user friendly system and round the clock technical support the Marketing team can now focus on implementing creative ideas without the time drain from managing the screen network.

This partnership with the Students’ Union has enabled Hawkr to gain instant integrity in the market sector by working with such a prestigious and well respected University and having a hands-on client to help develop the product. Already, several other Universities are interested in the Hawkr product and value.

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