NEXCOM and Quividi Extend Partnership to Provide Quividi-Powered Digital Signage Players


NEXCOM, a leading smart retail solution provider, and Quividi, the industry standard for Attention and Audience Analytics in digital signage, have extended their partnership.

Nexcom becomes Quividi’s first partner to provide a customized hardware solution, natively embedding VidiReports, Quividi’s computer vision software that determines, in real time, for each equipped screen, the number of viewers, broken down by demographics (age, gender), facial attributes (glasses, beard) and mood, as well as the opportunities to see, and the viewers’ attention time.

The solution is supported by Nexcom’s digital signage player NDiS B325-SI3, suitable for various vertical applications, including DOOH, retail marketing – endless aisle, drive-thru ordering, self-service kiosk -, digital feature wall box office display, information stand, and bus stops, to name a few. 

It features an Intel Core®i3-6100U processor supporting Quividi’s face detection and analysis solution, rich I/O interfaces for ease of system integration and can deliver stunning Ultra HD (4K) video.

“Nexcom is glad to be the first provider of Quividi-powered players, where Quividi’s software is customized and embedded in a total package solution” says Jenny Shern, Assistant Vice President of Nexcom’s Intelligent Platform & Service BU. “As more and more digital signage screens are natively equipped with cameras, this partnership is key to provide an intelligent real-time Analytics and Interactivity solution to our retail and DOOH customers.”

“This partnership makes it considerably easier for any Nexcom end-customers to test our Audience & Attention platform and run it natively on every screen” confirms Ke-Quang Nguyen-Phuc, Quividi’s CEO. “A lot of brands and locations will be able to access  a wealth of data, insights and interactive capabilities hitherto unavailable to them.”

Quividi provides a privacy protecting computer-vision technology that helps screen networks, retailers, and brands finely measure and classify their audience as well as understand the performance of their content.

Retailers and brands can also design customer-engaging experiences, by contextually triggering content against Quividi’s real-time analytics and benefit from Campaign Genius, Quividi’s latest AI algorithm that dynamically optimizes the creative for the most impactful audience engagement.

About Nexcom –

Since 1992, NEXCOM has looked consistently to provide an exceptional quality on their products, that not only satisfies the need of their clients, but is compliant with the stringent requirements of today’s global markets. With a unique and talented workforce, NEXCOM always brings the necessary knowledge and expertise to stay highly competitive in its market.

With headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan, NEXCOM integrates its capabilities and operates six global businesses, including IoT Automation Solutions (IAS), Intelligent Digital Security (IDS), Internet of Things (IoT), among others. Its diverse portfolio enables NEXCOM to deliver time-to-market, time-to-solution services without compromising cost.

About Quividi –

Quividi’s In Real-Time & In Real Life data unlock the full potential of programmatic trading and contextual advertisement for screen network operators, agencies and advertisers.

Created in 2006, Quividi is the industry standard for Audience and Attention Analytics in DOOH with over 600 end-customers and 1 billion people counted every month in 80+ countries. Quividi’s computer-vision technology measures viewability, views and attention time, which elevate DOOH to the most accountable digital medium available today. Its creative and marketing suite also enables campaign creation and optimization, based on context and audience engagement (demographics, mood, environment…).

Quividi’s solutions fully respect privacy, they never store any face images or collect any biometric identifiers and personal data.

Twitter: @quividi


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