NEXCOM Digital Signage Player Provides Bus Passengers with Real-Time Schedule Updates


In a fast-paced, vibrant city in Asia, canceled bus trips have been a persistent malady. Accounting for almost one-third of the city’s daily public transport volume, the bus service; which could be delayed or canceled as a result of traffic congestions, vehicle breakdowns, road accidents and detours; has fallen short of public expectations. To allow passengers to make timely trip and schedule adjustments, the city’s largest bus operator is building estimated time of arrival (ETA) systems with NEXCOM digital signage player NDiS B535.

Installed in bus shelters, the NDiS B535-powered ETA systems provide passengers with real time bus arrival information. Connected to central servers over LTE network, the ETA systems update ETA data constantly so passengers can find up-to-the-minute information of dozens of bus routes on two display panels and arrange alternatives if necessary. The bus operator can also use the ETA systems to communicate with passengers—issuing notices of schedule change resulting from major events or broadcasting severe weather warnings during typhoon seasons.

Moreover, bus shelters serve as an excellent advertising venue in respect of a huge number of passengers boarding and alighting every day. Leveraging graphics capabilities and network connectivity of NEXCOM digital signage player NDiS B535, the ETA systems can run eye-catching ads with support for remote content management, becoming a revenue generating platform for the bus operator.

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