Nixplay Signs Distribution Agreement with DSI Systems


MINNETONKA, Minn., July 30, 2019 — Nixplay, the world’s leading smart photo frame designer and manufacturer, and DSI Systems, an industry leader in the independent retail channel have signed an agreement appointing DSI Systems as a distributor of Nixplay Signage’s range of digital signage displays, small format signage, and signage player.

Nixplay Signage, a division of Nixplay, announced it has selected DSI Systems, the industry leader in the independent retail channel, as a distributor for the hassle-free and customizable digital signage solutions offered by Nixplay Signage.

Nixplay Signage provides an out-of-the-box digital signage solution with integrated hardware and software offerings that can benefit companies spanning every industry. The digital displays can be set up within minutes to deliver high-resolution content that offers simple, fast and effective business messaging from anywhere in the world. Nixplay Signage is the only digital signage solution that works right out of the box, the same way a photo frame would.

Under the agreement, DSI Systems will distribute Nixplay Signage’s digital signage solutions to dealers using their nationwide distribution network. DSI Systems can ship products from its warehouse to dealer locations in a swift and efficient manner, enabling dealers to receive the products they need in one to two days, reducing inventory costs.

“DSI is happy to announce the addition of Nixplay Signage to our product assortment. We believe this brand will meet the needs of our dealers by providing them with a simple plug-and-play digital signage solution while offering the flexibility to easily configure signage to fit specific applications for their customers,” said Doug Robison, CEO and President of DSI Systems.

“We’re incredibly pleased to announce the partnership and addition of DSI Systems to our American distribution channel,” said Sophia Avery, Head of Global Sales, at Nixplay Signage.

“Nixplay Signage is a fast-growing brand and partnering with DSI Systems will help us reach new customers through the long-established and highly-regarded dealer network of this industry leader,” said David Fergusson, Managing Director, at Nixplay Signage.

About Nixplay Signage

Creedon Technologies was founded in 2007 with a vision to connect people with technology. In 2009 the company’s first brand, NIX, was launched and quickly became the number one Digital Photo Frame in the USA. In December 2013 Nixplay was launched and has gone on to become the top selling Cloud connected Digital Photo Frame in the world. Our success stems from our commitment to innovation, design and user experience, a belief that still stands to this day.

In 2016, Nixplay Signage was launched in response to requests from our existing consumer base who challenged us to create an equally simple solution for their corporate needs. As the premier integrated hardware and software offering, Nixplay Signage is trusted by businesses of every size – from local stores, to leading Fortune 500 companies.

About DSI Systems

DSI Systems is the industry leader in the independent retail channel. We offer many competitive advantages which allows us to partner with our dealers on every level of the business whether that’s mobility, broadband, commercial, L&I, MDU or all. We are dedicated to serving dealers with quality customer service and convenience. This is accomplished through individualized service, strong product offerings, a fast and efficient delivery system and Territory Managers across the country to help you grow your business. To begin a working relationship with DSI, call 800-888-8876.

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