Nokia’s OZO VR Camera Gets Immersive Launch Event


To help Nokia celebrate the launch of its revolutionary VR camera, Second Story, part of SapientNitro, created an immersive event experience inspired by the product.

Nominating Company: Second Story, part of SapientNitro, Portland, Oregon
Venue: Nokia Technologies/OZO Launch Event, Sunnyvale, California
Project: OZO Launch Event
Category: Immersive Environments

Virtual reality technology is becoming increasingly popular and democratized, changing the way we make films, see concerts, experience news events and explore worlds beyond our own.

The launch of OZO, the world’s first professional VR camera, represented a pivotal moment for Nokia. With its groundbreaking VR capabilities and 360-degree surround sound, OZO would identify the company as an innovator in digital media and a leading player in the emerging VR ecosystem.

Nokia turned to us to create a spectacular event experience that offered production professionals, technicians, commercial creatives, filmmakers and the Hollywood elite the chance to see and experience OZO for themselves. Our task: create the optimal setting to expose the audience to this powerful new product.

Our biggest challenge was time: We had just six weeks for design, production and fabrication. While battling this deadline, we had to launch the product without easy access to it. OZO hadn’t yet gone into production, so we created a computer-generated version that mimicked its field of view.

We also had to pay careful attention to the arc of the guest experience, subtly leading people from one end of the space to the other. To comfortably accommodate the 400 attendees, we filled the 38,000-square-foot room with five large interaction zones that would always feel energized but never overcrowded. A graphic language inspired by the Spirograph connected these zones, evoking the camera’s field of view and the endless spectrum of content it can capture through vivid, flowing colorscapes.

Finally, given the uniqueness of OZO’s audio capabilities, we needed to find an evocative way to incorporate sound into the evening.

Nokia’s OZO VR Camera Gets Immersive Launch EventSOLUTIONS
Responsible for every detail of the event environment, we were the architects for an immersive experience that invited Hollywood’s top creatives to step through the looking glass into a world of infinite possibility: the world of OZO.

Guests began their journey in a darkly lit corridor enveloped by a cinematic soundscape that built anticipation for what lay ahead. When they emerged into the main event space, they discovered that everything at the launch—including the lighting fixtures, full-wrap bar, curvilinear projection curtains, and glowing stage—paid homage to the distinctive circular shape of the camera and its extraordinary field of view. Choreographed custom soundtracks mimicked the 360 x 360 audio that OZO captures, evoking a sense of motion and wonder.

After experiencing OZO’s creative potential through a live-streamed concert, expert tech demos and a hyper-visual showcase reel, guests left the event awed, energized and inspired by the unparalleled 360-degree storytelling that OZO makes possible.

Nokia’s OZO VR Camera Gets Immersive Launch EventRESULTS
The OZO launch event offered professional content creators a firsthand look at the camera’s powerful potential to transform media through unprecedented 360-degree video and audio capture. It inspired the industry’s most imaginative creatives to think about their own work from a fresh perspective and to look towards the future through a new lens.

The energy at the launch event was palpable. OZO quickly garnered more than 233 million U.S. media impressions, with 10.8 million impressions across Twitter, Linkedln, and Facebook and more than 400 articles published by both domestic and international outlets.

Agency: SapientNitro
Sound Design: Parallel
Motion Graphics: Mode Adjust
Fabrication: 15/40 Productions


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