NY Port Authority Bus Terminal Video Wall Stops Commuters in Tracks


The windows of the NY Port Authority Bus Terminal have been transformed into COOLTURE IMPACT, an interactive installation engineered with motion-responsive technology. A motion sensor camera tracking system captures gestures and movement from passersby, bringing the installation to life. NoirFlux designed the interactive framework software system, Stereolabs provided the ZED 3D depth and motion-sensing camera, and the experience is presented on Leyard® TVH Series fine pitch LED video walls.

Nominating Company: Leyard and Planar, a Leyard Company, Hillsboro, Oregon
Venue: COOLTURE IMPACT at NY Port Authority Bus Terminal, Brooklyn, New York
Category: Experiential Design & Planning

The intent of COOLTURE IMPACT is to bring some positive light to the area in front of the NYC Port Authority Bus Terminal—where more than 250,000 commuters and tourists pass by each day—using an interactive video wall that alllows for different presentations of dynamic, artistic content. The first featured presentation is “The Now,” which offers a journey into magical worlds, hidden spaces and participatory environments. With their motions, people can visually engage the various storylines, moving narratives forward through interaction. Leyard® TVH Series fine-pitch LED video walls deliver video art content 24/7, providing the right brightness for visibility during the day and at night. The installation is an example of how to create social impact and a truly immersive experience by combining art with forward-looking technologies.

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The project site (the New York Port Authority Bus Terminal at 42nd Street and 8th Avenue in Times Square) is an extremely busy and raw urban location where more than 250,000 commuters and tourists pass by each day. In such a frantic setting, the challenge facing the project team was how to create an interactive installation that could enhance the area and engage mass audiences. How could the project team design an installation to be capable of stopping hurried commuters to engage with video art?

COOLTURE IMPACT is an example of how art, advanced technology, design, and storytelling can merge into a seamless canvas that invites passesrby to not only observe but also become part of a unique video art experience. The interactive video wall installation is engineered with a motion sensor camera tracking system that is custom-mounted with the displays, allowing passersby to make the digital canvases come alive with their own movements. A wave of the hand is translated onto the display as a creative rendering. The dynamic, interactive artwork is presented by Leyard® TVH Series fine pitch LED video walls, which deliver brightness and clarity for enhancing interactivity.

interactive video wall design picRESULTS
The Port Authority expressed that they are extremely happy with the results of the COOLTURE IMPACT installation and look forward to partnering with Coolture on further promotional efforts.

“COOLTURE IMPACT allows commuters and pedestrians to interact with art on their way to and from work, making a difference by improving the quality of their commute,” said Diane Eller, Director of Tunnels, Bridges and Terminals at the Port Authority. “The arts are very uplifting. The interactive display is a surprise for people, and it helps to lift their mood and improve their day.”

According to project data, 8 out of 10 commuters interviewed after interacting with the art presentation explained that the installation made them feel happier, in a better mood, and sometimes late for work. The average time of interaction per person ranges from 8 to 11 seconds, although there is a high number of interactions greater than 30 seconds.





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