NYC Second Avenue Subway Gets New MTA On the Go Kiosks


NYC Second Avenue Subway Gets New MTA On the Go KiosksAs New Yorkers welcome the long-awaited Second Avenue subway line, commuters now have access to four new digital MTA On the Go (OTG) kiosks (pictured below) with eight new digital screens to better schedule, plan and map out trips across the city. The new kiosks are located at the 3 new stations and went live with the opening of the stations on Jan. 1, 2017.

As part of a public-private partnership with the MTA, Intersection, the company that manages the groundbreaking LinkNYC project and developed the media platform for OTG, has installed upgraded versions of the kiosks as part of its mission to improve the customer experience with real-time info and drive revenue for the MTA through dynamic, contextual advertising. Some of the features of the upgraded kiosks include:

  • Sleek new design with dual-sided displays (displays on the previous model are single-sided)
  • Two-port charging station on the side of each kiosk
  • Each display is isolated from one another and operates off of its own individual computer
  • Upgraded computer and touch controller
  • Updated Trip Planner application to support the new Second Avenue stations that allows riders to better schedule trips to and from stations, with an updated map to include the new lines and scheduled arrival, departure and service advisory information

NYC Second Avenue Subway Gets New MTA On the Go Kiosks

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