Olympia Content for viewneo Clients


Duesseldorf, NRWAdversign Media extends its product range for viewneo users, offering special contents for the 2016 Summer Olympics. Since the beginning of this month, viewneo customers can make use of a Plugin to drag and drop Olympia content, such as medal tables, results or short facts and statistics regarding the Olympics, into their digital signage playlists.

The company already observed a rising demand in up-to-date content that specializes as they provided content for German, Austrian and Swiss viewneo clientst hat specialized in topics of the European Football Championship a couple of weeks ago. Now, all content offered for the 2016 Olympics is available worldwide, for all users of the digital signage solution viewneo. The Plugin contains a number of dynamically animated slides for portrait and landscape mode and is available in German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian language.

“The Olympics fascinate and inspire people of all ages – sports enthusiasts or amateur athletes – all around the world. Especially content concerning major media events, such as the European Football Championship or the Olympics seem to be really relevant for many of our users since they play a big part in infotainment.” Albert Roelen, CEO at Adversign Media, states.

For more information, please visit https://www.viewneo.com/viewneorio2016olympiaplugin.

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