Onethree, the 13-inch Display that Runs on the Energy of a Cup of Coffee


May 2017 | Visionect’s Onethree is the first Place & Play digital sign that brings information to life no matter the location, industry or use case. And it will work for an entire year on the amount of energy it takes to brew a single cup of joe! We’re willing to put our money on it.

For many, it is the most essential of rituals: a strong cup of coffee that sets your wheels in motion.  No matter the location, whether at home in the morning or in the office looking through daily reports, while finding your way around the airport or waiting patiently in a waiting room.

Now the same amount of energy it takes to prepare a cup of java can be used to power a real-time digital display – for a whopping 12 months!

Onethree is the new digital sign from Visionect, developed on the company’s energy-saving electronic paper technology. The latest in the line of Visionect’s pioneering e-paper solutions, the Onethree is 99% more energy efficient than other displays. The first of the company’s Place & Play family, the sign will work without complex installation or customization, and is operational straight out of the box.

Combining display, mounting hardware and built-in signage software in a single commercial device that is completely wire-free, the breakthrough e-sign brings life to the most demanding surfaces. Installing a real-time display in an elevator or on a glass partition of a busy office is no longer subject to heavy construction works, but is rather a simple matter of placing the display on the wall. Offering paperlike visibility thanks to its 13-inch E Ink® electronic paper screen, Onethree supports all major content management systems, its open Application Programming Interface (API) making displaying content a simple matter of using a website address.

All this in an eco-friendly way.

Not only is Onethree’s casing made of aluminum and glass, all fully recyclable materials, the device is by far the greenest, most sustainable display on the market. Onethree uses so little energy that a single minute it takes to boil a cup of water provides enough watt hours for a whole year’s worth of the sign’s uninterrupted functionality.

In fact, we’re so confident in the Place & Play device’s ultra light energy consumption that we are offering to cover an entire decade’s worth of device-related electricity costs of each of our Onethree customers!  All our clients need do is focus on developing great content to show on the Onethree, from real-time travel information on an airport sign, to a KPI company monitor that keeps tabs on performance, a wayfinding sign to activate public spaces, and even a hospital notice board providing valuable information while in the waiting room.

Onethree will start shipping in the fall of 2017, with the first limited batch of devices available mid-year.

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About Visionect | Visionect is the world leader in deploying digital signs in environments impossible before, leading the global revolution with greener and better displays. Setting a new standard in versatile, ultra energy-efficient signage, Visionect electronic paper products and solutions are conquering the globe, from New York to Tokyo.|

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