Optokingdom Introduces LED Video Wall with Smart Pixel Modules for Various Applications


Optokingdom specializes in a wide range of LED displays, LED screens and LED signs and their newly introduced LED video walls are going to revolutionize many application areas, such as security monitoring, command platforms, smart city, and television studios and so on. These LED screens or walls are available in different dimensions and can be suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

According to the spokesperson of the company, the LED video wall features smart pixel modules to deliver clear and vivid images. The lively and spotless presentation of images makes these LED modules perfect for several kinds of practical usages, from advertising and promotions to scheduling high-end meetings and commands that require a visual presentation. The company uses the best quality materials to manufacture these LED modules that ensure the durability and performance. The LED video walls deliver supreme quality outputs and a seamless picture quality.

Besides LED video walls, the company also produces a significant LED display range that includes transparent LED displays, outdoor fixed LED displays, stadium LED displays, mobile truck LED displays and other varieties. Each type of the LED displays has their own applications and can be used for different purposes. The display features a high refresh rate that ensures a certain level of dynamism of the pictures. A high gray level ensures clarity of pictures, even though seen from a large distance.

The company also supplies LED signs that can be used for marketing of products with a creative visual presentation. All texts on the screen will be clearly visible to the audience for advertising a product with all relevant details. The spokesperson of the company reveals that the LED sign is easy to install and one can start advertising their products in minutes using creatively designed LED fitted signs. The LED displays and signs come with the advanced adjustment options, allowing setting up the display as per the environmental conditions.

To learn more about the LED video walls or LED display panels, one can visit the website https://www.optokingdom.com

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HaiSheng Led Co., Ltd, established in May 2008, is a professional LED Display Manufacturer. It’s a hi-tech enterprise which specializes in research, designing, manufacturing and export of all kinds of LED Products. With qualified talents, high technology and abundant funds, the company has many offices and branches in most cities of China. Optokingdom is the most trusted online store for HSTV LED Display, LED screen, LED wall, LED signs and LED panels. They offer the highest quality of LED Screens, Displays, signs, and panels, suitable for both indoor and outdoor advertisement.



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