OUTFRONT Media Announces Its Leading Mobile Network Platform Has Been Utilized By More Than 1,000 Brands


NEW YORK, March 23, 2017 — OUTFRONT Media Inc. (OUT), announced today that over 1,000 brands have used the OUTFRONT Mobile Network. OUTFRONT’s customized mobile ad delivery solution is built upon its out-of-home (OOH) asset base and provides marketers with additional data analytics and a proven way to close the loop with audiences.

The OUTFRONT Mobile Network, launched in November 2015 as a product on the ON Smart Media platform, highlights OOH’s effectiveness and reinforces the reach and power of each medium.

“Our world is now driven by mobile. The convergence of out-of-home and mobile advertising is organic,” said Andy Sriubas, EVP, Strategic Planning & Development, OUTFRONT Media. “Location-based mobile solutions like the OUTFRONT Mobile Network help reinforce an advertiser’s message, seamlessly bridging the gap between the physical and online world. Out-of-home is a great primer for mobile advertising while associated mobile interactions bring-to-light the effectiveness of billboards and transit campaigns.”    

Brand innovators, including branches of Planet Fitness and Nissan, have utilized OUTFRONT’s Mobile Network. Regional advertisers have also seen tremendous benefits in utilizing the Mobile Network, including Fibre Federal, which reported an average loan closure increase of 80 percent, and Sky Zone Trampoline Park, which reported its strongest month of sign-ups to date while using OUTFRONT’s Mobile Network.*

“The synergies between out of home and mobile advertising are natural, and we’ve been using the strategy to amplify our campaigns and reiterate messaging,” said Major K. Kendall Mathews, Director of the Salvation Army ARC in St. Louis, Missouri. “By adding the OUTFRONT Mobile Network to our media plan, we received solid, measurable results. Our mobile push helped maximize our out-of-home efforts and we continue to use the tactic today.”

OUTFRONT Media has seen widespread Mobile Network usage across several industry categories, including Professional Services (law firms, health & beauty, building/remodeling), Education (universities, colleges, charters, high schools), and Entertainment (events, concerts, sports, festival/fairs, performing arts).

The OUTFRONT Mobile Network provides an array of custom tools, underpinned by a mobile marketing solution powered by xAd, a leader in location-based technology, which enables marketers to reach the right people based on the real places they visit every day.

About OUTFRONT Media Inc.
OUTFRONT Media is one of the largest out-of-home media companies in North America with a leading presence in top markets throughout the United States and Canada.  We have a diverse portfolio of billboard, transit and digital displays reaching mass audiences, as well as a distinct offering of prime assets impacting select markets.  As part of our ON Smart Media technology development initiative, we are developing hardware and software solutions for enhanced demographic and location targeting, and engaging ways to connect with consumers on-the-go.

*OUTFRONT does not guarantee any results or any end user activity/engagement with respect to an OUTFRONT Mobile Network campaign, including, without limitation, the click through rate (CTR), the secondary action rate (SAR) or increased traffic, customer interactions, commercial opportunities or revenue.   

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