Panda Express Rolls Out Digital Menu Boards in More Than 600 Locations


Fast Casual Chinese Restaurant Panda Express has transitioned more than 600 locations to digital signage. Promotional screens, digital menu boards, cultural content and live entertainment feeds have immersed customers in a modern and engaging dining experience at Panda Express.

Nominating Company: SOAR, an LSI Solution, North Canton, Ohio
Venue: Panda Restaurant Group, Rosemead, California
Project: Conversion of 600 Locations to DS Solution
Category: Food & Beverage

Panda Express sought to differentiate its restaurants from competition by providing a unique customer experience designed to keep consumers in their restaurants longer, entice their appetites and keep them coming back again and again.

The Panda Express Restaurant story and company culture presented an opportunity to educate and entertain customers while promoting and cross-selling their product. With more than 1,900 total locations and growing at an average of 125 stores per year, the company needed a simple, reliable and scalable solution to engage with their customers. The solution also needed to be seamless and easily managed while showcasing their food offerings in a creative, appealing way.

A turnkey solution was paramount to disperse reliable, brand-consistent content to more than 700 sites. Panda Express needed an all-in-one digital signage product from installation to content management to customer service and support.

Capacity and future scalability was largely a concern as well. A provider needed to be selected that could not only install and manage digital signage systems for more than 700 sites, but also to have the capacity to grow with the brand into the future and to integrate emerging technologies.

With the fast-paced environment of the Fast Casual Industry, finding a company to provide quick and accurate customer service was key. Fast responses to site management’s needs were crucial.

SOAR’s turnkey solution provided the full-service package that Panda Express needed including onsite assessments, consultative services, hardware and software acquisition, installation and commissioning, content management, training and support. SOAR’s customer service was second to none and was able to supply support to local site managers and corporate employees faster than the competition. SOAR’s ability to provide technical support and edit screen content at a moment’s notice was paramount to Panda’s solution.

“Any time of day that we email the LSI support team, questions and issues are addressed almost immediately. They are some of the best digital board experts we have had the pleasure of interacting with,” said Adrianna Catania of Panda Restaurants Group.

SOAR, an LSI Solution, was chosen as the best provider of digital signage solutions for Panda Express out of several top competitors given test store sites. Today, SOAR’s digital signage solutions can be found in more than 600 Panda Express sites. The solution has resulted in a better customer experience. Customers can learn, stay entertained and better connect with The Panda Express Brand, and the updated look and feel that the digital signage adds to the store supports Panda’s Brand image as the leader in the Asian Quick-Serve category.

In light of the success of its initial projects, the Panda Restaurant Group is now exploring additional SOAR offerings. Adrianna Catania of Panda’s Marketing department said, “We’re very impressed with SOAR’s dedication to the customer. The company provides valuable insights to grow, learn and change with us.”

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