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Miami Airport Papercast 6LONDON, United Kingdom and MIAMI, United States (13 July 2020): Papercast, the world’s leading provider of solar powered e-paper passenger information displays, has revealed that the 35,000+ employees at Miami International Airport (MIA) now benefit from real-time travel information when using the airport shuttle service.

The bus service provides important transport connections for employees across the airport. The service is operated by mobility company SP+ who joined forces with Papercast’s North American partner ETA Transit to deliver the solution. ETA Transit provides transit systems, software and solutions, with a complete toolset designed to improve transit operations and dramatically improve the rider experience.

With the overall goal of getting staff to their posts on time, airport management wanted to ensure the timely transfer of staff from A to B – getting them from the parking lots to where they need to go on site (and vice versa).

The solution combines Papercast e-paper signage installed at each bus stop integrated with the ETA Transit SPOT® operations management and real-time tracking system. It helps employees to understand when the next bus is due and when they will arrive to the various terminal locations. The real-time tracking of the SPOT® system enables the airport to put more buses on a service and deploy the right amount of capacity to deal with peaks in demand.

Miami International Airport was attracted to the many benefits of Papercast e-paper displays. The solar power option was extremely attractive given Miami’s sunny weather, as well as the highly visible and readable screens in direct sunlight and fast installation.

“The Papercast displays have been a real eye-opener,” says Nicole Castonguay, CEO for ETA Transit. “When clients like SP+ and Miami International Airport see how many ways these signs can be used to positively impact the rider experience, the conversation instantly changes from ‘Can we afford signs?’ to ‘How quickly can we get these at our stops?’ When customers pair these with our SPOT™ ITS system, a whole new world of passenger engagement options become possible.”

The unique attributes of e-paper make it ideal for outside use, with unbeatable screen visibility, even in direct sunlight. Couple this with wireless connectivity and exceptionally low power consumption, and Papercast displays can be continuously solar powered – no power or connectivity cables are required. This means Papercast is quick to install to an existing pole or shelter, while offering a sustainable and environmentally friendly display technology.

“This partnership marks an exciting phase in the rapid adoption and growth of e-paper in public transit information. It comes at a time when transport services, across all segments in all corners of the globe, are looking for ways to make travel easier, more attractive and more sustainable,” comments Robert Bicket, CEO of Papercast. “We are delighted that Papercast is well positioned to meet this ever-evolving need.”

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Papercast’s next generation bus stop passenger information solution uses wireless solar powered e-paper displays, with a comprehensive content management system developed exclusively for public transport needs. The platform enables transport providers to effortlessly keep passengers informed on real-time and advance service information at bus stops in a clear and user-friendly format.

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