#PawlloweenNYC Hits LinkNYC and MTA On-the-Go Kiosks


Intersection, the company that specializes in connecting cities and amping up urban experiences via digital signage and interactive installations, recently launched a Digital-Out-of-Home (DOOH) ad campaign that is now running on LinkNYC kiosks and the MTA’s On-the-Go (OTG) kiosks at dozens of stations throughout the NYC boroughs. From October 24 through Halloween night, the company gathered Instagram images of the most lovable dogs, cats and other domesticated animals decked out in their best Halloween getups under the hashtag #PawlloweenNYC and broadcast them across hundreds of these digital displays. This is the first above and below ground DOOH social media campaign for this network, but it won’t be the last.

body-picIn terms of juggling digital content schedules, this campaign represents a new and fun direction for these kiosks that Intersection plans to revisit whenever there is availability and applicable content. Digital Signage Connection caught up with Intersection’s Chief Strategy Officer Dave Etherington for more details. Check out our Q & A below, and Happy Halloween!

Q: Why pets?

A: There are about a million pets living in New York City. From pet cafes to the obsession with bodega cats to Halloween parades, pets are an enormous part of the city’s culture. That’s why we’re celebrating New York’s finest pets in costume this Halloween with a social media contest on digital displays across the City. Who wouldn’t want to see their dog or cat become famous?

Q: For a layperson, what is momentous about this being Intersection’s first above and below ground digital out of home social media campaign?

A: This campaign was a fun experiment for us in trying to understand the social power of this connected New York digital network, because we were able to unify our MTA On the Go (OTG) interactive subway kiosks with our LinkNYC network. Being able to engage with audiences above and below ground at different points of their commute, through a unique hashtag #PawlloweenNYC, is a real first. With 160 OTG kiosks across 33 stations and hundreds of Links spread across New York City, we’ve seen a lot of engagement and submissions on social channels, and we’re happy people are really enjoying this.

Q: Do you plan to stage similar campaigns for other holidays, and why start with Halloween?

A: Absolutely. This is just the beginning for the types of campaigns we’re going to start hosting across our digital assets. Halloween is such a celebrated event in New York City, and it only felt natural that LinkNYC and OTG, two networks used on a daily basis by New Yorkers, be part of it.

Q: Why did you host the campaign on Instagram?

A: My dog Tucha has more followers on his Instagram account (@tuchanyc) than I do. With similarities between Instagram and our digital network’s creative format, and the fact that pets are more popular than people on social media these days, it is the perfect platform to host a contest like this. And of course, it’s a great way to get pet owners excited to share their pictures with friends, family and the City of New York.

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