PEC’s Outdoor TV Cases Improving Car Wash Signage, Safety & Operations


Altamonte Springs, FL, 6/11/20 — The Display Shield® outdoor TV enclosure which is manufactured by Protective Enclosures Company (PEC) is making a significant impact for car washes in the new 2020 case study, “H2Go™ Express Car Wash Uses NoPileups™ & PEC™ to Improve Safety & Operations.” PEC is the leading American manufacturer of robust outdoor TV cabinets and weatherproof digital signage cases.

A difficult problem for car washes is preventing cars running off tracks and bumping into each other. This is a safety concern and cost for everyone involved. These scenarios also slow down customers trying to get through the car wash as well as reduce the number of cars that can get through the car wash per day among other negative impacts.

NoPileups software is a solution. The software leverages computer vision using IP-based cameras throughout the car wash tunnel to track vehicles from the entrance to the exit of the tunnel. This adds a level of safety for car wash customers and enables car washes to wash more cars with less worries. The NoPileups software combines with Protective Enclosures Company’s The Display Shield outdoor TV enclosure to create a Load-On Display solution. The NoPileups real-time camera views and feedback display on TVs at the entrance of car washes. However, TVs exposed to car wash and outdoor conditions need protection. So, PEC’s The Display Shield is a perfect water resistant and weatherproof outdoor TV enclosure solution. Ryan R. Blanchard, Chief Operating Officer at industry leading H2Go Express Car Wash said, “Protective Enclosures Company provides excellent cases for TVs and displays that keep the water out, are easy to see through, and allow for flexible positioning via the tilt/swivel mount.”

Car washes are the newest among many businesses finding PEC’s outdoor TV enclosures to be a key business and cost saving solution. From restaurants, banks, hotels, and theme parks to sports arenas and manufacturing facilities, these enclosures can be found at locations such as TGI Fridays, Six Flags, Marriott, Trump International Beach Resort, Talladega Superspeedway, UCF, Georgia Tech’s Bobby Dodd Stadium, Nestle Purina, Tyson, Publix, FedEX, Southwest Airlines, and many more.

About Protective Enclosures Company:

PEC’s enclosures protect TVs and video displays in over 25,000 locations in more than 42 countries worldwide.

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