Pepsi Center Upgrades and Customizes Video Projection System


The project was an On Ice/On Court Video Projection System utilizing 18 Christie Boxer Projectors. The objective was to achieve a minimum of 4K resolution and future-proof for higher resolution. It was necessary to converge six zones of projectors, and each zone to be triple stacked. Custom mounts were engineered to house each triple stack.

Nominating Company: Westbury National Show Systems, Toronto, Ontario
Venue: Pepsi Center, Denver, Colorado
Project: On Ice/On Court Video Projection System
Category: Event Venues & Hospitality

Kroenke Sports and Entertainment had one goal in mind when they decided to add an on ice/on court projection system for their in-game experience. The system had to be the brightest, highest resolution projection mapping system in the NHL/NBA.

Kroenke Sports and Entertainment contracted Westbury National to make their goal a reality. The system consists of 18 Christie Boxer projectors that have been divided into six zones, each zone being tripled stacked with a custom Westbury National mounting bracket. The system produces 4K resolution and has up to 90,000 total lumens. The media server/video processor is completed using Coolux – Pandora’s Box.

The system installation was completed by the end of Aug 2015 and located at the Pepsi Center, Denver Colorado. The system is used to create in-game entertainment and fan experiences for the Colorado Avalanche and the Denver Nuggets.

Turn-around time between events at The Pepsi Center has a very short window for opportunity. The projection system had to be designed allowing the projectors to remain in position as often as possible. Should the projection system be required to move, the system had to allow for a quick turn over when placing back into position.

Further, a mounting system for triple stacking this latest Christie projector solution was not on the market. The mount not only had to support the weight of three projectors, but also required serviceability. This meant dismantling the projector from the mount to do basic maintenance was not an option.

Installation timing was critical as the system had to be up and operational within eight weeks of receiving the order leading up to the opening of the Colorado Avalanche’s 2015/2016 season.

The projectors had to be the highest resolution and the brightest system in the leagues.

The projection system was designed so that two of the six zones would be required to move when an event is held at the Pepsi System. The projectors are hoisted to the ceiling when required to move.

Westbury National has designed and developed a mounting bracket specific to the new Christie Boxer 4K projector. This bracket allows for a triple stack alignment and allows each projector to independently slide on a track from the inside of the cage to the outside of the cage making servicing very accessible.

Westbury National had the system designed, engineered, procured and installed within the time frame allowed for delivery.

Westbury National selected the Christie Boxer projector as it is the highest resolution and brightest large format projector on the market today.

The system debuted for the Colorado Avalanche on October 8, 2015 and for the Denver Nuggets on October 30, 2016. The system was instantaneously a success, receiving many reviews by TV
coverage, social media and fans of course.

The system is the brightest and highest resolution to date within the NHL and NBA.

The in-game entertainment “bar” has been raised, which means more benefit to the ticket holders that attend any game at the Pepsi Center.

Westbury National Show Systems won the DSE 2016 Bronze Apex Award in the Event Venues & Hospitality category.

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