Peters Township School District Goes Beyond White Boards and Projectors


The installation is located in the Peters Township School District in McMurray, Pennsylvania. With 285 faculty and 4,400 students, the school district needed to update its classroom technologies to make a more equitable learning environment for all students. Sharp came in and installed AQUOS BOARD® interactive display systems throughout the district, allowing for more collaborative learning and standardized solutions.

Nominating Company: Sharp Electronics Corporation, Montvale, New Jersey
Venue: Peters Township School District, McMurray, Pennsylvania
Project: Peters Township School District Installation
Category: Education & Healthcare

Peters Township School District was looking to improve the quality of education for its school district by updating the learning technology that they were using in their classrooms. At the time when they were looking to make changes to their technology, the school district only had a mix of white boards and projectors unevenly distributed throughout its five schools. The Director of Educational & Informational Technology felt it was time to enhance learning. He encouraged the school district to consider large screen technology as a standardized solution across all classrooms. This type of technology would offer more flexible teaching and more interactive learning opportunities.

Peters Township School District faced numerous challenges, which led them to update their technology. These challenges included unevenly distributed classroom technologies, passive learning tools without interactive capabilities, inflexible classrooms with stationary technologies, and limited Internet connectivity. The school district wanted to avoid implementing technology just for technology’s sake and to incorporate tools that could engage students’ various senses during lessons.

Thanks to the local Sharp dealer, The Wilson Group, Peters Township decided on a solution that would place 70-inch Class AQUOS BOARD interactive displays in each classroom with a variety of different features. Some of these features include high-speed wireless Internet connectivity; rear-mounted DVD players, soundboards, wireless keyboards, and wireless mouse technology. The installation took place in 46 classrooms, with one screen in each classroom for grades four, five and six.

Peters Township case study

Thanks to the Sharp AQUOS BOARD interactive displays, the teaching culture in Peters Township has been completely revolutionized. Every classroom now has the same technologies and accessibility, creating a fair learning environment for every student. The standardization has simplified faculty movement between classrooms by ensuring that every room is equipped with the same technologies. The interactive displays are used during independent classroom work. Up to four students can connect on assignments and activities together. The boards also support online quizzes, tests and games for small group activities. The students benefit from more creative and real-world learning. Rather than looking at a textbook or whiteboard, students now have the ability to engage with compelling learning materials through the screen and Internet connectivity.

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