Philips Professional Display Solutions Partners with Meetio to Improve Meeting Room Management


New all-in-one solution combines Philips’ high-quality displays with Meetio’s meeting management software to simplify meeting management and improve office efficiency

ALPHARETTA, Ga.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Philips Professional Display Solutions (Philips PDS), the market-leading digital display solutions provider, today announced its partnership with Meetio, a global leader in meeting management software. The two now offer a go-to bundled solution for meeting room management that combines Philips’ T-line of displays with Meetio’s room management software.

Meeting room conflicts are an everyday occurrence in today’s businesses, especially as they continue to grow. Philips and Meetio aim to solve that problem and end meeting room misbehavior with this conflict-free meeting room booking experience.

This solution will be available in North America, offering end-users a simplified meeting management process and increased office efficiency using a tried-and-true combination of world-class hardware and easy-to-use software. Distributors also benefit from this partnership as they no longer have to sell two separate solutions to provide the hardware and software needed to simplify room management. This partnership speaks to the core of Philips PDS, innovating to give customers what they need to be more efficient.

This bundled solution features:

  • Integration with Outlook and other popular calendar tools
  • Smartphone app for easy mobile access
  • Runs on 10Tand 24T Philips displays
  • Three-year advanced exchange warranty

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Philips Professional Display Solutions to solve this common challenge for businesses,” said Johannes Bolvede, Co-Founder and CEO, Meetio. “Their easy-to-use, trusted commercial monitors offer a quality visual experience that pairs perfectly with our software to end meeting mismanagement.”

With a selection of visual templates to choose from, Meetio’s software solution integrates with traditional office tools to provide a simplified meeting management offering.

“Philips stands behind collaboration and innovation – anything to tackle challenges our customers are facing on a daily basis,” said Joseph King, Senior Director, Commercial Displays, North America, Philips Professional Display Solutions. “By partnering with the best software solution providers, such as Meetio, we are offering our customers a simplified approach to workplace collaboration.”

Learn more about Meetio here and follow additional Philips PDS news here.

About Philips Professional Display Solutions
Philips Professional Display Solutions (Philips PDS) is a business unit that exclusively markets and sells Philips Professional TVs, Signage Solutions, and monitors worldwide. Philips PDS is operated by TP Vision and MMD, two legal entities that are subsidiaries of TPV Technology—the world’s largest manufacturer of TVs and monitors. The entities were established in 2009 after Philips issued them with a brand license. Thanks to TPV’s display-manufacturing expertise and Philips expertise in human-centered design, Philips PDS is able to focus on bringing innovative products quickly to market. Philips PDS North America operates from its U.S. headquarters in Milpitas, CA.

About Meetio
Meetio set a new standard for meeting room management with the introduction of the Room-tablet in 2014. Today, Meetio focuses on simplicity, ease-of-use and efficiency in their industry leading software offerings for the smart workplace. With three offices spanning two continents Meetio has just begun their journey to make workplaces around the world as smart as the people in them.


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