Place Rosemère Shopping Center Targets All Ages with Digital Relaxation Zones


Place Rosemère Shopping Center, located in the Montreal suburbs, contains more than 200 boutiques and department stores that offer a vast array of products and services. They wanted to develop a relaxation area that would allow them to communicate with their customers while offering interactive digital innovations to entertain them. This exclusive interactive zone allows consumers to be inspired, entertained, informed and rest all at once in the same space.

Nominating Company: Stingray Business, Boisbriand, Quebec, Canada
Venue: Place Rosemère Shopping Center, Rosemère, Quebec, Canada
Project: Place Rosemère Shopping Center
Category: Venues & Public Spaces

The walk-in style zone consists of four different sections that each have specific goals. The Discovery Area aims to showcase different products from various stores, inform clients about multiple promotions and help them find a store inside the mall (wayfinder). The Entertainment Zone dedicated to children has a multi-functional interactive table that allows them to play about a dozen fun games. The Relaxing Area allows customers to rest on comfy couches while recharging their cell phones. Last but not least, the Interactive section aims to create movement on social media, and the integration of an interactive mirror in the zone allows customers to take pictures and share them on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

The biggest challenge was finding solutions that met the needs of the client according to specific criteria. So we found various options as well as different providers, and they made their choices according to their needs. Another challenge was to integrate, customize and adjust the different solutions to harmonize them in existing furniture in a very short period of time. Furthermore, a night installation was done as to avoid disturbing the daily activities of the shopping mall.

The customization of the solutions found was a big integration challenge because of the customer expectations. We had to be creative in our research and development of tools to work around existing problems in the programming.


The results are very conclusive after more than six months of use. The zone attracts many young teens because of the interactive section that allows them to share photos on social networks. The cellular charging station is also very popular with adults, as is the interactive children’s table, which remains the most popular. The client is very satisfied with the result and is considering enlarging the section over the next year with virtual reality and/or augmented reality.

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