PODCAST: Touring the Las Vegas Strip


Digital Signage Stories, the official podcast of Digital Signage Expo and its editorial partner site DigitalSignageConnection.com, highlights successful digital signage projects and installations deployed around the world in a variety of different vertical markets. With this podcast, you will gain insight from industry experts to help make your own digital signage deployments successful as the industry continues to grow.

Show Title – Touring the Las Vegas Strip 


Show Notes: The Las Vegas Strip, formerly known as Downtown Las Vegas, is the oldest township in the city. Today, it’s one of the best known sites for bright lights, digital signage, and the future of communications technology. Are you curious as to who’s behind all that digital signage excitement on the Las Vegas strip? 

Director of Sales for the Enterprise Business Division Shawn O’Connell We were too, and on this episode of Digital Signage Stories, we all get to find out. Samsung‘s Director of Sales for the Enterprise Business Division Shawn O’Connell takes us on a personal tour down the Las Vegas Strip to discuss some major projects the company has recently developed. We touch on outdoor signage, hotel guest room experiences, common spaces for sports fans and more. 

Check out some video of the sites discussed below. The footage was shot during the week of DSE 2019, held annually at the Las Vegas Convention Center.


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Digital Signage Stories host Alesia HendleyShow host Alesia Hendley is an AV professional who is determined to leave her mark by making an impact, not just an impression. She can be reached on Twitter @thesmoothfactor



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