Positive Digital Distraction at St. Joseph’s Health Centre Just for Kids Clinic


GestureTek Health’s TableFX and ScreenXtreme were installed at the newly renovated just for Kids Clinic at St. Joseph’s Health Centre in Toronto, Ontario. The immersive table and wall rejuvenates the lobby, bringing excitement and positive distraction to patients and families as they wait for their turn to see the doctor.

Nominating Company: GestureTek Health, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Venue: St. Joseph’s Health Centre Just for Kids Clinic, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Project: St. Joseph’s Health Centre Just for Kids Clinic
Category: Education & Healthcare

St.Joseph’s Hospital planned a renovation of their children’s clinic, with a primary objective to include interactive aspects of the community, making children and families feel at home. Esteemed in their field, GestureTek Health was contracted to provide a creative solution. The new lobby included a large uniquely shaped centerpiece table, for which a custom TableFX was proposed for a gesture interactive projection. The lobby also provided ample wall space for ScreenXtreme, an interactive wall projection. To meet the client’s goals of incorporating community elements, it was determined that the ScreenXtreme display’s unique custom applications were to be inspired by nearby High Park, Grenadier Pond and Lake Ontario. As families enter the lobby, they are transported into a world of cherry blossom petals, playful ladybugs, an interactive pond and more! With simple gestures, visitors can control dynamic effects, helping relieve stress and anxiety for patients and families by creating a fun and lively atmosphere.

During the first site visit, the lobby was under construction so it was difficult for the team to envision the space. A large, pre-existent, asymmetrical, multi-petal-shaped table was provided by the hospital for the projection to be displayed. However, given our standard display size of a 4:3 ratio projection, we had to find a solution to fit the display onto the table. The client had also requested custom immersive games that reflect the natural theme of the nearby High Park, Grenadier Pond, and Lake Ontario to deliver multiple experiences in unique space. During the installation process, the large table paired with a complex ceiling created a challenge of projecting on the full table and not on any floor area. In addition, the client requested that the two projections automatically turn on in the morning and off at night.

To fit the projection onto the uniquely shaped table, our team had to create a digital mask allowing the projection to mimic the shape of the table. This ensured that the content did not get projected onto the floor. Our expert custom content developers used their resources to create nature-inspired content in two days and coordinated back and forth with the hospital team for feedback and adjustments. Our team also integrated with the hospital developers and trained them to assist with creating content. During installation, we had to find the perfect angle to place the projector and re­mount it in a diagonal position so it could project the full size onto the table without intersecting the pipes. Lastly, to meet the requirement of the projectors turning on and off automatically, our technicians searched for a unique projector and tailored the specifications to allow for this feature.

The custom applications allowed patients and families to immerse themselves in stunning animations they could control through gestures. Every minute, each screen automatically changes to a new application so patients are constantly entertained and get to immerse themselves in different experiences. The large table allows for up to 10 children to play simultaneously, encouraging fun and socialization throughout the lobby, relieving any stress or anxiety related to a visit to the doctors through positive distraction. Families can also partake in the fun and feel relaxed as they watch their children become fully immersed. These two interactive screens bring joy to every child and truly create a warm, welcoming and memorable space for everyone to enjoy. Finally, operating the system does not create any inconvenience for the busy receptionists and nurses at the hospital as the automatic  on and off feature makes for a unique and fun system that is self-sufficient.

Partners were St.Joseph’s Health Centre and GestureTek Health Inc.

GestureTek Health won the DSE 2017 Gold APEX Award in the Education & Healthcare category.

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