“Power to Your Presents” Holiday Spot Brings Seasonal Spirit to XFINITY Stores


TPN created a holiday spot to support XFINITY’s larger “Power to your Presents” retail campaign. The graphics used were handcrafted paper elements that came to life using stop-motion animation. The playful music, messaging and visuals support the holiday feel while reinforcing XFINITY’s many benefits during the season.

Nominating Company: TPN, New York, New York
Venue: XFINITY Customer Service Centers, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Project: “Power to your Presents” spot
Category: Retail

For XFINITY’s holiday digital spot, we wanted to create a playful yet informative spot to run within XFINITY stores and third-party retail partner locations. It was imperative that the spot have a seasonal feel and stand out from other spots running during this time. In this day and age, when you think of holiday gifts, electronics often come to mind first. With so much emphasis on the electronics themselves, people often overlook what makes these electronic gifts so great. For the holiday digital spot, we wanted to communicate that XFINITY’s range of products allow you to give “Power to your Presents.”

The messaging used within the spot has a spirited tone to keep it lighthearted and cheerful. While spirited, the spot hits upon XFINITY’s core products and features, proving that XFINITY is a must for getting the most out of your electronic gifts.

To bring this spot to life in a short amount of time, everything had to be perfect. Hundreds of items had to be created, paper had to be folded, sets staged and meticulously moved and all in less than two days to stay within budget and on time.

We partnered with some of the best stop-motion animators in the business. With complete calm and cool, they set out to work and delivered an attention-grabbing final product that truly brought the vision to life.

The spot played a crucial part within the larger integrated “Power to your Presents” campaign. And in 2014, XFINITY stores set new records for upgrading existing subs to additional services like the highly profitable Internet upgrades. Thanks in part to the DCN spot, year over year sales increased 7 percent and delivered billions of extra entertainment minutes to our customers.

 TPN was nominated for a DSE 2016 APEX Award in the Retail category.

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