Priatek Launches the First Scaled Prize-Promotions Platform with Loyalty


Since launching its prize-promotion in 2016, Priatek has partnered with local and national brands to seamlessly connect its users to innovative custom content. This update marks a big step forward in Priatek’s prize-promotions capability and offering. Priatek’s patented in2win platform combines prize-promotions, gamification and loyalty points, key strategies that allow brands to attract audiences with engaging experiences.

Priatek’s new in2win platform can bring any brand to life—products, services, restaurants, activities, events and more—just by utilizing the platform to run unique prize-promotions. With this latest enhancement, in2win kiosk and app users can now earn in2win Coins to exchange for gift cards, in addition to exploring products and services from local and national brands, playing fun, engaging games, winning prizes and discounts, all at no cost to the user.

“We are very pleased to be bringing significant updates to our platform,” said Priatek President Milind Bharvirkar. “We knew we were on to something big when we launched in2win last year. With the popularity of our prize-promotions and games platform, it’s a natural evolution for Priatek to be a first-mover in delivering loyalty programs at scale.”

in2win can be experienced at touch-screen kiosks at select high-traffic mall locations, and as a free download from the App Store and Google Play.

About Priatek

Priatek designs and manages custom prize promotions for local and national advertisers under its in2win brand. in2win provides advertisers with the ability to engage with qualified consumers through a network of touchscreen kiosks located in high-traffic locations. At in2win kiosks, consumers select promotions and always win a valuable prize or discount. Advertisers receive comprehensive data analytics that reveal key insights about the success of their promotion. in2win re-engages consumers through its mobile app, social media and email. in2win is revolutionizing the way brands attract, engage and sell products to consumers. For more information, go to

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