Proactive Digital Display Freezer Doors Increase Engagement and Dwell Time


VSBLTY, the creators of proactive digital displays, launched the first-of-its-kind inline freezer door pilot in 2017. Tyson® products and VSBLTY implemented a digital signage activation pilot program in 10 Meijer locations. This program, featuring VSBLTY VisionCaptor ™, brought interactive touchscreen glass coupled with loyalty program integration and consumer data insights to Meijer freezer doors.

Nominating Company: VSBLTY, Voorhees, New Jersey
Venue: VSBLTY 1st of its Kind Freezer Door, Voorhees, New Jersey
Project: VSBLTY 1st of its Kind Freezer Door
Category: Retail

Tyson® products and VSBLTY implemented a digital activation pilot program in 10 Meijer locations. The program objectives were to drive consumer engagement, impact in-store purchase behavior and gain actionable information about consumers of Tyson products through VSBLTY VisionCaptor.™ VSBLTY VisionCaptor ™ marries high-impact, engaging motion graphics and interactive brand messaging on glass displays at the point of purchase. VSBLTY worked with 10 Meijer locations to replace the existing inline freezer doors with VSBLTY proactive digital display doors. For four weeks, the freezer door served interactive and engaging content across seven Tyson products. It was also the first pilot to integrate digital coupons connected to the Meijer consumer loyalty program.

VSBLTY/Tyson were looking to generate more engagement and sales in the frozen foods section of the store. To do this, a few issues needed to be overcome:
1. Displaying a visual/interactive message on a freezer door without blocking any other brand product facings.
2. Providing incentives to the customer at the point of purchase.
3. Weekly price changes. In the grocery retail environment, prices can change weekly. In order to feature pricing, the content solution needed to be updatable

VSBLTY worked with Meijer to retro-fit existing freezer doors with the VSBLTY interactive glass and software systems. VSBLTY’s solution has transparent glass that allows for product packaging to be seen through creative executions.

Creative content was changed weekly to accommodate for pricing features. All content was uploaded to the cloud and then downloaded weekly to the store for deployment.

Lastly, a scannable barcode was placed on the digital content for consumers to get coupons on featured products. Consumers could scan a bar code with their loyalty app to receive a discount.

This first-of-its-kind deployment was a success.

The combination of technology, brand creative and loyalty program integration drove results that significantly outperformed our existing benchmarks:
+522 percent increase in impressions per week/per store*
+6 percent of people looking at the screen*
+525 percent interaction rate*
+23 percent dwell time, with an average dwell time of 38 seconds.

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