Programmatic DOOH Goes from Pie in the Sky to Reality


Just when you thought all that talk about employing programmatic advertising for Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) was just a combo of wishful futuristic thinking and industry speculation, it happens. Posterscope, Dentsu Aegis, Dentsu Mitchell and Amnet recently collaborated on a new campaign using programmatic DOOH technology available through Val Morgan Outdoor’s (VMO) Shop network for retail. The real-time audience measurement system is dubbed DART (Digital Outdoor Audiences in Real Time), and it’s been coupled with a proprietary ad serving network known as PULSE to reduce advertising waste by only targeting audiences on the path to purchase and helping to promote, of all things, the 50th anniversary of Patties Foods—a household name is Australia since the mid-eighties thanks to its delectable pies, pastries and party food. Fitting that it took a pie company to make a formerly “pie in the sky” idea into a reality.

To execute the campaign, Posterscope and Amnet used ‘DART’ analytics to create a private marketplace allowing the trading of inventory based on a programmatic guarantee model. This offers clients the opportunity to trade programmatically for the first time in a one-to-many advertising environment and provides broad coverage across key environments with the potential to reach a unique audience of up to 11.9 million Australians across 16+ demographics in the VMO Shop network on a weekly basis.

“VMO’s programmatic approach will provide a targeted campaign like no other achieved in Out of Home,” said VMO Director of Digital Innovation Matthew Bushby.  “Our rigorous and tested proof of concept coupled with our advanced technology and methodol gives gives us confidence that we have taken a massive leap forward in delivering the future of Digital out of Home campaigns.”

“This campaign is exciting for us, representing a huge advancement in programmatic Out of Home and a truly targeted and relevant advertising experience for the client and the consumer,” said Posterscope’s Group Agency Director Adrian Venditti. “It’s great to work with brands like Patties who are willing to utilize new technologies in Out of Home, and we’re confident they’ll reap the benefits of pioneering this approach.”

“We’re excited to be the first to market with this technology and are confident in the benefit to be had from taking a much more targeted advertising approach,” said Patties Foods General Manager Stuart Smyth.  “I have no doubt we’ll be seeing a greater adoption of this model in the near future, and we’re proud to be at the forefront of this technology thanks to Posterscope.”

The programmatic Patties Foods campaign will run between September 2016 and February 2017.

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