Projecting Faces of Pride


Toronto hosts North America’s largest Pride Parade. For Canada’s first-ever Pride Month, we wanted to show our solidarity. Using a 4K, 32,000-lumens cinema-grade projector, we used our building as a massive canvas to project the faces of people from all walks of life who support Pride.

Nominating Company: SapientNitro, New York, New York
Venue: Allied Reit, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Project: Faces of Pride
Category: Public Spaces

Every June, Toronto hosts North American’s largest Pride Parade. This year was Canada’s first-ever Pride Month. We wanted to do something that reflected the diversity and solidarity of our city. It was important to show our support for Pride, but also to create a way where the community could join in and show theirs.

The idea had to be simple—something that would resonate with people from all walks of life and something they could easily contribute to. Whatever we made, it had to be a beam of positivity, a rallying cry that was as genuine as it was direct. And with only three weeks to execute, our tech needed to be smart and nimble.

Our idea was simple, but also really big. We partnered with our building owner Allied Reit to use one side of our building as a massive canvas. Then, we projected the faces of all the different kinds of people from all walks of life who support and celebrate Pride.

Projecting Faces of PrideSOLUTIONS
Over three nights, our street team invited the public to stand with us and add their face to Faces of Pride. Once their photo was taken, it was projected in real-time as a digital portrait over eight-stories high. Participants could also interact with their portrait using a tablet to swipe and play with the image and see the results instantaneously writ large. Via the web, we made our installation a seamless experience for capture, projection and interaction. Websockets kept everything connected and in sync, and the entire experience was superfast, which is critical for ongoing engagement. Then, the responsively designed showcased all the portraits, letting participants download and share theirs. They could also see who else put their pride up on the wall.

Over three nights, hundreds of portraits were taken and projected on an epic scale. Participants and passersby captured the light show and shared it on lnstagram and Twitter. The experience reinforced that Toronto is all about community, diversity and equality. Faces of Pride was a snapshot of how one neighborhood in one city stood together and declared – in a big way – their love for Pride.

Production – Derooted
Partners: Allied Reit, Entertainment One, Pride Toronto, Givex

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