Projection Mapping Project at Kitchener Town Hall


The Kitchener Town Hall Holiday Projection Mapping Project was implemented to celebrate the 2016 winter holidays in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. Christie provided this as a thank you to the City where it has a large employee base and large manufacturing and engineering facility.

Nominating Company: Allure, A Christie Company, Atlanta, Georgia
Venue: Kitchener Town Hall Holiday Projection Mapping Project, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
Project: Kitchener Town Hall Holiday Projection Mapping Project
Category: Experiential Design & Planning

The goal was to provide a unique holiday experience for the people of Kitchener while showcasing the products and capabilities of the local Christie and Christie 360 teams. In addition to providing a Holiday “thank you” to the local city and residents, the project also facilitated the annual New Year’s Eve countdown at midnight, combining New York City’s world-renowned countdown as a projection on an adjacent building.

The key challenges were common challenges that Allure and Christie teams are faced with in many projects – time and environment. There was a short timeframe for system design, content development, and installation so that the Holiday season was well-covered. Additionally, the unique structure of the buildings and surfaces presented projection and layering challenges as floors, patterns, light and uneven surfaces were engineered around. Proper development of content and proper selection and calibration of the equipment were critical.

The Allure, Christie, 360, and Coolux teams focused on project development communication, despite being located in diverse geographic locations. The teams first honed in on content design and then selected the appropriate equipment for displaying the projection on multiple surfaces. Engineers were able to automate the content through the use of Christie’s sophisticated media servers, ensuring that content was projected perfectly and that timing was spot on. Christie engineers and Allure/360 content designers worked hand-in-hand to modify and perfect content so that the nightly show and NY countdown were flawless.

The city of Kitchener was presented with an eye-catching Holiday display featuring projection on an ice rink surrounding buildings and windows of adjacent buildings. Visitors to the city hall area were greeted by sparkling images on unique surfaces, all timed to Holiday-themed music. The unique surfaces of the buildings were used to display custom-shaped and designed projection. Pillars became candy canes and windows became piano keys and ornaments, while structures became trees, gifts, wreaths, snow flurries and multi-colored rooms. Once New Year’s Eve arrived, the entire space became a countdown to the new year with exciting lights, images, and the Times Square Countdown all projected on the Town Hall surfaces.

Allure, A Christie Company
Christie Digital
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