Projectors Map Oaks Hotel in Niagara Falls for Winter Festival of Lights


The Winter Festival of Lights is a thrilling thematic journey of Niagara experienced through music and spectacular 3D mapping projections. Through impressive state-of-the-art digital technology, the show depicts Niagara’s arts, culture and entertainment! The city-facing side of the Oaks Hotel serves as the canvas for the Festival’s newest lighting technology.

Nominating Company: Westbury National Show Systems; Toronto, Ontario
Venue: Winter Festival of Lights – Oaks Hotel, Niagara Falls Ontario; Niagara Falls, Ontario
Project: Oaks Hotel 3D projection mapping experience
Category: Arts, Entertainment & Recreation

This was a permanent installation of equipment that resulted in a value-added full visual and audio experience for guests visiting the Winter Festival of Lights. The show must be automated (technician free) to operate seven days a week, with three shows per night. The goal was to be able to cover as much of the hotel as possible in projection while still maintaining the tight budget allowance.

Challenges included…
* dealing with great distances and finding the absolute best position for the projectors to get the maximum coverage on the hotel
* weatherizing the projectors in the harsh winter climates
* engineering a custom mount for the projectors
* engineering a solution that could be supported within the structure of the projector location
* creating a temporary solution due to the manufacturer of the weatherized housing missing the ship date and maintaining the “show must go on” approach
* very tight deadlines from award of contract to opening day (10 weeks)

Solutions for the above issues included…
* on-site review with Westbury National’s engineer to determine best possible solution. The position allowed for eight projectors to cover the majority of the front face of the Oaks Hotel.
* utilizing a reputable manufacturer of weatherized, industry-proven enclosures to protect the projectors.
* creating a lightweight, completely durable custom projector mount for the eight projectors used
* The projectors, housing and projector mount design were light enough for the structural engineers to sign off as being completely safe/compliant to all Ontario building codes
* redesigning the system so that it could operate within the hotel rooms until the outdoor housing arrived. Once housings were onsite, a four-day window was allowed to turn the temporary system into a permanent one
* all deadlines were maintained

The resulting visual experience was viewed and enjoyed by thousands during the two-month-plus festival.

Westbury National Show Systems won the DSE 2016 Gold Apex Award in the Arts, Entertainment & Recreation category.

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  1. I’m very excited to be a part of the team that is providing the content for this platform for the 2016 / 2017 season. Great work Westbury, now it’s our turn to rock some pixels on this platform and thanks to the Niagara Artists Centre, The Niagara Festival of Lights, Keyframe Digital, Fourgrounds Media, Donna Szoke, Thunder Gallery and everyone else involved.

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