Providing Value to Viewers is a Digital Signage Win


Digital signage content is often at a crossroads between information and entertainment. How can you best attract viewership to a digital signage screen and entertain while doing it?

I could rattle off a long list of examples of content, but it’s better to focus on the properties of good entertainment content for the digital signage medium. The reality is we’re not going to be the top ‘entertainment choice’ for most viewers. It’s best to realize that our medium is one in which what we can best hope for is to make a brief connection with an audience.

For example, a lot of our content is created to get someone to stop for a minute and say ‘Huh, I didn’t know that?’ or ‘That was really cool.’ This could be in the form of an odd fact, an amazingly beautiful scene from our Off Topic episodes that use National Geographic footage, or even the upcoming pollen forecast.

If we can provide value to the viewer even for a short time, enough that they saw the screen as a source of entertainment or information, it’s a win! They will think to look at the screen again on their next visit or they will continue to watch while they remain in front of the screen.

Music videos would be a very poor choice for content because of their length. If you are not in line for a ride at an amusement park or working out at a gym, you should most likely be using content that is 60 seconds or less in order to allow you to display the messages you want to deliver. This messaging may be company announcements, promotions or third-party ads.

So work to provide those ‘moments’ where you can connect with an audience briefly with short-form content and you’ll build a larger viewership.

Jeremy GavinAs founder and Head Content Chef of Screenfeed, Jeremy Gavin is passionate about making high-quality, licensed content accessible as a tool for those implementing digital signage. His company Screenfeed provides custom-produced news, infotainment, weather, traffic, sports stats and video shorts delivered over the cloud for plug-n-play usage in digital signage software.

His expertise in art direction, web technologies and content licensing have helped him build Screenfeed to be a leader in syndicated content for digital signage. Mr. Gavin has pioneered the use of Media RSS as a media delivery standard for digital signage since 2007, managed the production of content that appears on more than 75,000 screens around the world, and continues the innovation of new content for the marketplace.

Jeremy has been in the interactive media space since 1996 having run an interactive media agency for more than 11 years and as a partner in an ad-based, DOOH startup. Along the way, Mr. Gavin served as the personal art director for the musical legend Prince and NPG Records for just over four years. He holds a B.A. in Media Communications from Bethel University in St. Paul, Minnesota and a Mini-masters in Ecommerce from St. Thomas University.

Gavin provided this content tip as a response to a recent Ask the Board question. To read more DSE Advisory Board responses, click here.

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