PureLink Adds 4K Fiber Extension System to HDTools Line


RAMSEY, NJ, April 25, 2018– PureLink, a leading provider of digital connectivity solutions to commercial audio/video and IT markets worldwide, today announced the availability of the HOF

2.0  4K  HDMI  Over  1LC  Fiber  Extension  System,  adding  to  its  comprehensive lineup  of

HDTools™ distribution solutions for HDMI 2.0.

The HOF 2.0 Tx/Rx provides reliable extension of Ultra HD/4K, embedded audio, RS-232, and bi-directional IR to distances up to 1,000 meters over single-mode fiber. Modular transmitter and receiver pairs simplify integration and ensure fast, secure communication between input and output devices. The HOF 2.0 Tx/Rx can be combined with PureLink’s TotalWire™ LC- terminated fiber optic cables to maintain lossless signal transport and optimum picture quality.

“Our new HOF 2.0 offers a high performance, affordable solution to the growing number of customers using fiber,” said Howard Schilling, PureLink’s Director of Sales. “As Ultra HD evolves, the high bandwidth and security offered by fiber will make it the go-to solution for many integrators in both the commercial and residential markets,” added Schilling.

For more information about PureLink’s new  HDTools fiber extenders, please call 201-488-3232 or e-mail sales@purelinkav.com.

About PureLink

For nearly two decades PureLink has been leading the way as an innovator and educator in the professional A/V industry, designing and manufacturing the world’s most respected HD Video connectivity  solutions.  Founded  in  2002,  the  company  has  a  long  list  of  industry  firsts, leveraging their extensive R&D activities to bring to their integrator and designer partners the latest in cutting edge features and functionality. From pioneering Pro-AV’s analog to digital conversion to the latest in Ultra HD/4K connectivity, PureLink’s innovations have assured consistent reliability in the most uncompromising markets, going way Beyond 4K. For further information on all PureLink product offerings please go to www.purelinkav.com.

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